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Mojico Ltd Reveals the 10 Skills Every Professional Must Have

Sheffield based direct sales and marketing firm Mojico Ltd uncover ten must-have skills every individual should have in order to pursue a successful career.

Being successful requires a certain set of skills, finds Mojico Ltd. Having recently opened up in Sheffield, the direct sales and marketing firm has been founded based on years of experience in business and management. “We are a dynamic organisation and believe that everyone has the ability to succeed as long as they possess a strong work ethic and student mentality. The major skills can be learned”, explains a spokesperson of Mojico Ltd. In order to drive results, increase productivity and continue to establish themselves as one of the leading sales and marketing companies in Sheffield, Mojico Ltd teaches their contractors these ten skills:

1. Be on time

Mojico Ltd lives by the following motto: “If you are not early, you are late.” Research reveals that people who show up early are often found to be high achievers. Also, coming late to a meeting does not necessarily give a good impression. 

2. Dress for success

Looking professional is key to giving a great first impression. Mojico Ltd believes that being well dressed makes people feel more confident. 

3. Get enough sleep

It may sound basic, yet it is crucial. A good night’s sleep helps people to get a fresh start and be more productive than someone who is tired, finds Mojico Ltd.

4. Manage your time

Nowadays it is easy to get distracted at work by emails or smartphones for example. Managing time effectively and knowing how to manage disruptions increases productivity.

5. Networking

Building a network is crucial to get known in the industry and share experience, work habits and tips with other professionals.

6. Ask for help

Asking others for support cannot only help achieve a better outcome for a particular project, it also increases someone’s likability. In fact, research shows that when people ask for advice, it makes their colleagues feel smart and knowledgeable, which influences their relationship in a positive way.

7. Learn how to say ‘no’

While it is important to support others, it is impossible to help everyone at every time. Mojico Ltd says that learning how to say ‘no’ occasionally is an important skill that successful people have mastered. It protects them from getting overly exhausted.

8. Be prepared

Mojico Ltd says: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” The firm recommends being prepared at all times, for example for meetings, presentations, emergencies etc.

9. Master public speaking

Successful people may be asked to give presentations and teach others to inspire. It is important to practice public speaking as often as possible in order to become a professional.

10. Set goals

Successful people set daily, weekly, monthly and long-term goals and review them on a regular basis. This helps them stay on track with what they want to achieve.

Mojico Ltd is a new and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing organisation that opened up in September 2016. 

About Mojico Ltd:

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