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Marldon from Concept to Completion

“Marldon provides technical support and innovative solutions from concept to completion for the specification industry.”

Founded on 40 years of flooring heritage, Marldon, has been developed specifically to provide architects, specifiers and construction professionals with innovative flooring solutions to many build problems.

We specialise in high-quality, reliable systems and our passion for constant innovation results in revolutionary products is already proven on projects such as; The Shard and One Tower Bridge.

Combining high performance with low environmental impact and delivering quality without compromise, our products overcome challenges, saving time and speeding up your build to keep your project on track.

Passionate about excellent service and always ready to provide technical advice, our vibrant and energetic team are here to support your projects and help you to build your business.

Not just a supplier, but a source of knowledge we can support your project from concept right through to completion – quite simply, for every step.

As an architect, specifier or construction professional, you don’t want products; you want solutions.

Solutions you can count on to solve your subfloor problems first time, every time.

Solutions based on decades of technical experience and expertise. Solutions backed by superior service and support, from concept to completion.

Our technical team understands the high demands and fine tolerances of modern construction.

That’s why all Marldon are designed in a way that considers the wider implications, as well as solving the specific problem.

After all, there’s no point in fixing an acoustic issue in a way that just creates a new problem with height or heating.

Marldon can also take our expertise further, offering bespoke solutions tailored to individual, unique problems.

Our team love a challenge, and will work with you from drawing board to delivery to find the answer.


Modern subfloors can be constructed in a wide range of materials, from mastic asphalt and bitumen, to timber and chipboard, to screed-board and Calcium Sulphate screeds.

Each presents its own problems when it comes to securing the selected flooring, but you can rest assured that each has a simple and effective solution from the Marldon range.

Our expert team has worked together with major sub-floor manufacturers to gain a unique insight into the properties of their products.

Using this knowledge, we’ve created a range of specialist adhesives and primers that will meet, and exceed, both your specifications and your expectations.


Some sub-floor solutions can add significant weight to a flooring solution, solving one problem, only to create another.

This is especially true when it comes to cement based screed-boards, which can result in a build-up of 20mm or more and substantial extra weight, which needs to be factored in to the building specifications.

Marldon provides a range of lightweight sub-floor solutions, such as StrataBase, which provide the same, or often better performance than cement board, with just 20% of the weight.


They say that high quality flooring solutions are thin on the ground – and that’s exactly how they should be.

At Marldon, we work hard to create systems that deliver answers to your flooring problems, without creating a whole new set of problems as a result of their thickness.

Marldon solutions add just a few millimetres to your specification, maintaining a low pro le and avoiding the need for compromises.

Yet they perform as well, if not better, than many thicker sub-floor systems.


Damp subfloors can seriously slow down a build. Concrete can dry as slowly as 1mm per day in some circumstances, which means a 50mm screed can delay a build by almost two months.

Marldon damp proof membrane solutions can be laid as soon as 14 days after concrete has been poured, saving weeks on your build schedule, whilst still providing complete protection for timber and other flooring.

Supplied as a liquid, Marldon damp proofing couldn’t be easier to install, comprehensively covering the most intricate floors without any cuts or tears that could compromise the seal.


Under floor heating is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

However, it can also pose real problems when it comes to your flooring choices, often restricting the options available to you.

Marldon StrataBase solutions are designed with thinner profiles and enhanced thermal properties (low tog) to work in harmony with underfloor heating, so you can enjoy warm floors without losing additional benefits such as sound reduction.

Our low-VOC and VOC-free, BREEAM accredited products such as the Marldon MXA200 wood floor adhesive are the perfect complement to your environmentally friendly heating, creating a complete green solution.


The modern trend away from soft floor coverings, such as carpets, towards hard floors, such as wood and tile, means that the rooms below are often subjected to excessive disturbance through footfall and other noise.

Whether you simply want peace and quiet between floors, or you are protecting confidential conversations from prying ears, the acoustic treatment of floors can make a huge difference to the way sound travels.

Marldon StrataBase systems provide vital acoustic dampening under a wide range of hard floor finishes without adding significantly to the overall thickness of the floor covering.


To ensure the appearance of your floor is as good as the performance, Marldon also supply a full range of Sectino hardwood and metal, trims and profiles to finish your hardwood flooring.

Our mouldings range includes thresholds, nosings, skirtings and various other accessories, which are all available off the shelf or, for larger contracts, as bespoke made to measure solutions.

Available in pre-lacquered and un-lacquered timber, our select range of hardwood accessories are made from the finest wood and meet the highest environmental standards.

From maple to merbau, with numerous shades in between, getting the exact match should never a problem.


Having created a beautiful, high performance hardwood floor, you’ll want to protect it for years to come with the most durable lacquer available.

Marldon have used unrivalled material science to create supreme protection with Marldon Ceramaxx, the strongest 2-pack lacquer available fortified nano technology that is extremely hardwearing, it’s user friendly, leaves your floors ready for use in hours not days and naturally conforms to the strictest environmental standards.


Naturally, Marldon provide comprehensive technical support for all our products, including NBS specifications.

Our technical team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance, whatever the product, whatever the sub-floor situation.

Marldon will be with you all the way, from concept and design to construction and completion.


At Marldon, we take our environmental obligations very seriously and we do all we can to help our clients create more eco-friendly buildings.

We have worked hard to make our products as green as possible and we’re proud to hold EC1, EC1R and BREEAM accreditations for many of our products.

Marldon can provide VOC- Nil and Low-VOC certification as part of the environmental credentials of your building.


To ensure you get the maximum benefit from our revolutionary products, Marldon provides full product training for construction professionals and specialist flooring fitters.

This can be provided live on site if required, to give the product and its installation real life relevance.

This is backed by full instructions with every product and product build-up sheets such as those at the back of this brochure.

CPD seminars are also available at our centre in the North West of England and at other prime locations. Please contact us for more details.


Alongside our wide range of sub-floor solutions, our technical team can provide bespoke answers to unique challenges.

You can talk to our team by phone or email for expert advice and guidance, we can visit your design of offices to assist with planning, or we can even join you on site to assess the special requirements of specific situations.

It’s all part of the unrivalled service and technical expertise you get from Marldon from concept to completion.

Marldon Flooring Products


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