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Market outlook for awnings is again promising

After years of stagnation at the European awning market an upswing is recognisable. In the last year the industry recorded finally a growth in sales, namely 1,8%. In particular the development of the Spanish market (+4,5% in quantity; 5,4% in value) as well as the recovery at the Italian awning market led to a positive overall result. According to a study by Interconnection Consulting an annually average growth rate of 2,1% is predicted until 2018. 

Heat wave contributed to positive results 

In 2013 and 2014 the market for awnings was struggling with sales declines (0,7% and 0,5%, respectively). The overall market recovery in 2015 can be considered a turning point. “The consumers spend more money in renovation projects again”, said Dr. Stefano Armandi, the author of the study. Furthermore, Dr. Armandi considers the tremendous heat wave in the last year, which was the warmest since weather records began, as another significant reason for the cumulated growth in revenues (3,3%) in the selected countries, namely Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria. 

Italy slowly starts to recover

However, growth rates differ remarkably among the countries selected with a direct impact on the market shares. The German market recorded a share growth of 1,6% up to 37,9% in market shares. This is due to stronger private consumption, which led to a growth in quantity (+2,0%) as well as in value (+4,8%). In contrast, the Italian market shares has declined by 2,4% down to 24,3% in market shares. However, the Italian market development in 2015 indicated, that the decline has been in part overcome. After years of decline, an increase in value(0,5%) was recorded. Even if the sales volume still declined by 0,8%, compared with the recent years, these figures indicate a remarkable improvement. According to Interconnection Consulting, the Italian market is predicted to grow annually by 1,6% in sales volume. 

ZIP-screens are on the rise

In the last year, all product categories recorded a growth in sales volume. However, cross-arm awning, which covers a constant market share of 51,9%, remains the undisputed number one product group. With an total amount of 602.972 sold units, articulated-arm awnings grew by 1,4% in sales. The vertical blind, which is the second biggest product category in market shares (20,7%), has lost market shares, namely 0,9%. In 2015, the biggest growth has been recorded by ZIP-screen, which is kind of a window blind, with a growth rate of 3,9% in sales volume. However, national differences need to be taken into account as well. While Zip-screens in the Netherlands already represent a market share of 18,6%, the product is only slightly increasing acceptance at the Spanish market (5,4% in market shares). Generally, Spanish consumers tend to rather keep trust in classic vertical blinds (34,3% in market shares).

Rising motorization is keeping the cash registers ringing 

In general, the motorization in terms of awnings is significantly rising. In 2015, motorized awnings rose by 2,5% in sold unit while non-motorized awning rose only by 0,6%. As well as for product groups, motorization rates differ a lot among countries. While, in Germany, more than three-quarter (75,6%) of all awnings are motorized, in Italy and Spain only less than half of all sold awnings are motorized (44,6% and 45,3%, respectively). Besides, a growing demand of motorized awnings leads inevitable to higher prices. Thus, the industry is expecting an annual growth in revenue of 3,8%, according to Interconnection.

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