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Long-Term Investors Rewarded For Patience

People who stayed invested and kept saving during the financial crisis of 2008 could now be seeing a return of 89%, according to research.

Aegon calculated that £100,000 invested in a mixture of equities, gilts, cash and bonds before the crash would now be worth around £189,000.

This would have seen an initial 22% loss in the first 6 months until March 2009, followed by sustained recovery.

Despite this, the research revealed many consumers lack confidence in the investment landscape, as 37% think there are more elevated investment risks now than 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, 53% said fear of another crash impacts on the amount of risk they are willing to take.

Nick Dixon, investment director at Aegon, said:

“There are a number of headwinds facing the global economy and markets, including rising interest rates and trade disputes, reflected in investor sentiment.

“However, for those with a long-term view, such issues should not be a barrier to investing.

“Accepting investment risk – including periods of loss – is necessary to achieve long-term investment returns.”

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