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Laying solid foundations for a stable business

The statement rings true “good foundations provide stability.” It is a well-known fact that good foundations are vital in the construction industry; and they are of equal importance to businesses in the flooring industry.

Providing the right training for employees can be extremely beneficial, not just in the short term but for years to come. Just as there are correct processes to follow when laying flooring to achieve a great and long-lasting finish, training staff in the correct techniques and methods of the flooring trade guarantees good results time and time again. Often the importance of this type of training is overlooked, but starting out with the correct practices from the start can make all the difference to a company’s trade and reputation.

This October the Quick-Step Academy ran a Foundation course in wood and laminate fitting, with all of the attendees brand new to floor fitting with very little or no industry experience. Many had never fitted or even cut a laminate floor, yet by the end of the two-day course all had competently and successfully completed an entire installation. These excellent results were achieved by a thorough grounding in the correct procedures of floor fitting from the outset.

Beginning with a briefing on the technical knowledge behind laminate flooring, the attendees were introduced to pre-installation checklists and assessments. This included getting familiar with the moisture test machine and how to use it correctly, in true hands-on style as the fitters had to perform a moisture level test three times over the two-day course, whilst all the time following and adhering to warranty guidelines. Many questions were asked, and answered; with plenty of guidance and instruction available at all times from Darren Robinson, Training and Development Manager at the Quick-Step Academy. The attendees were then taken through to floor preparation, another brand new exercise to most of them, followed by step-by-step demonstrations of where and how to start installing laminate flooring.

Darren Robinson comments, “Our training bays provide trainees with true to life obstacles and objects for valuable training experience. This at first lead to a few scratching their heads and thinking “I’ll never do that” but not one person struggled after assessing what needed doing. I can honestly say that all completed the bay with great attention to detail, and left the Quick-Step Academy confident that they could carry out an installation, from start to finish, following all the training guidance that was given. It is these new installers that will help to continue the growth of our industry and your business.”

So why not invest in your staff on a Foundation course at the Quick – Step Academy. Darren continues, ”And I say, “invest” because this is exactly what it will be once you have professionally trained staff, ready to drive your business forward.”

For details on the Foundation course held at the Quick – Step Academy, please visit: or call on: +44 (0) 161 877 6955


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