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What Knot providing instore demos at Screwfix branches as sales soar

With sales of What Knot, the unique device that enables anybody to use ropes without tying knots, and working on ropes of 3 mm to 15 mm thick, doubling weekly at Screwfix, the company behind it in the UK is supporting branches with in-store demonstrations.

Steven Daniels, owner of Just Right Products UK & Europe, has started visiting Screwfix branches across the UK, helping staff maximise sales of the revolutionary product.

Steven is placing demonstration units and information material in as many stores as possible and helping Screwfix employees understand how the What Knot works. This is going down very well with the staff, who love to see, touch and feel, great new and unique products, with Screwfix leading the way as the first major retailer selling them.

Putting the emphasis on safety, What Knot and Screwfix are working together to help people avoid accidents and personal injury when tying off in a range of situations. From tying boating knots or disposing of rubbish, to making secure knots when using ladders, What Knot has a wide range of uses.

These include as a few examples:

  • securing luggage to car roofs, trailers, vans and pickups
  • securing large items in car boots and boot lids
  • tying down awnings, tents or tarpaulins over logs, sheds or loads
  • securing and adjusting boat fenders on inland or sea going vessels
  • towing water skiers, wake boarders or just securing your Jet ski 
  • hoisting and adjusting multiple items prior to permanent fixing
  • tying the bottom and mid points of a ladder for health and safety purposes

Using a What Knot would, for example, have prevented the recent horrific eye injury sustained by Skelmersdale man Roy Alexander when his bungee cord snapped.

Ladder use is another risk that What Knot can minimise. Every year, nearly 50,000 people fall from ladders and end up at A&E. On average, 45 of these people are among the 6,000 who die every year from avoidable injuries sustained at home. At an estimated £50 billion (based on 2003 figures), the annual cost to society is also staggering.

What Knot can help reduce these figures by anchoring ladders securely in place.

While it should never be used as a climbing aid, What Knot is an ideal alternative for any other situation that involves rope. It has been tested holding over 600kgs without breaking, though its intended use is lower than this.

What Knot will secure ropes anywhere along their lengths in less than six seconds. It lets you secure or connect multiple ropes with a simple twist without ever tying knots. It’s waterproof, impervious to UV and comes with a lifetime warranty.       

Speaking of the success of the What Knot at Screwfix, Steven said:

Screwfix shares our concern for safety and this is helping them build sales of the What Knot through its branch network and online store. Customers are also delighted that as well as safer, the What Knot is a simpler and faster way to create knots that are as equally easy to undo, even if you happen to, or need to have gloves on.

Established in the UK for over 30 years, Screwfix is the country’s largest multi-channel supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electricals, bathrooms and kitchens. Every week, it dispatches tens of thousands of parcels for next day and weekend delivery to tradesmen, handymen and serious DIY enthusiasts all over the UK. It has 492 stores nationwide.

As well as Screwfix, What Knot is becoming stocked by a growing number of independent retailers across the UK.

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