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Kährs creates natural habitats for endangered Stag Beetles

Kährs has revealed its latest environment project, which forms part of its wide and diverse ecological approach, and as a part of its ESG (environment, social and governance) work.  The wood flooring manufacturer is now creating oak ‘hotels’ for endangered stag beetles, located in rural settings close to its Swedish production plant.  Other longstanding initiatives include the conversion of bark and sawdust into biofuel, to heat Kährs plant and neighbouring 20,000 homes, and the re-use of ash as a nutrient-rich forest fertilizer.

Like the UK, the stag beetle is Sweden’s largest land beetle and is endangered. In some countries, the spectacular insect – which can reach up to 75mm in length – is already extinct.  The larvae live in rotting wood for several years before they make a cocoon and transform into adult beetles.   The tidying of open spaces and removal of tree stumps and log piles has resulted in lost habitats.  By using fauna depots, Kährs is now providing an extensive environment of dead oak trees and decaying oak wood where the insects can lay their larva.

“As well as creating oak hotels, we’re also focusing our environmental efforts on creating the healthiest indoor air quality, on sustainable forest supplies, product development, fair trade and natural water purification.  We can always get better and our motivation to improve in all areas never stops,” explained Bruce Uhler, Kährs Environmental Ambassador.

For more information, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email [email protected]  or visit kahrs.com

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