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GKS 65 G and GKS 65 GCE Professional Circular Saws – the perfect partners to the FSN Guide Rail System

– Hand-held circular saw models that are designed specifically for use with the FSN guide rail system.

– Precise guidance and problem-free sawing at all cutting angles

Hand-held circular saws designed to suit the guide rail system perfectly

The GKS 65 G and GCE Professional hand-held circu­lar saws are designed for optimum compatibility with guide rail systems. The robust die-cast aluminium base plate has two precisely milled grooves which not only make the tools compatible with the Bosch FSN guide rail system but also with guide rails of other manufacturers.

The machine’s centre of rotation has been designed to en­sure that when making angled cuts of one to 45 degrees the cut edge is always the same and that it is directly next to the guide rail. No adapter is required for bevel cuts.

The 1800 watt motor on both versions of the saw ensures fast sawing progress. The GKS 65 GCE Professional also comes with Constant Electronic to ensure a constant speed even under heavy load, and variable speed which allows the speed to be matched to the material being cut.

The FSN Professional guide rail system offers rails from 800 to 3,100 milli­metres long, matching accessories and consumables like an anti-splinter guard, non-slip strips and plastic caps.  The FSN VEL Professional connecting piece enables multiple guide rails to be connected to each other precisely, sturdily and quickly. The connecting piece can also be used to fix the FSN WAN Professional angle guide to the guide rail. This enables the rail to be positioned, for example, at a precise 90 degree angle on the material you want to cut. Other angle settings are also possible. Rubber lips on the edge of the rail protect against tearing and press the chips down during cutting to ensure clean edges on the work piece. The matching non-slip strips prevent slipping and complete the guide rail system.

The GKS 65 G and GHS 65 GCE Professional circular saws are available from Bosch stockists from July 2012.

GKS 65 G Professional         £169.00 Ex VAT    £202.80 Inc VAT

GKS 65 GCE Professional       £179.00 Ex VAT    £214.80 Inc VAT

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