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Get a Grip on Luxury

The legendary hold of Diamond Gripper can now be enjoyed on the thickest underlay and carpet combinations with new floorwise Diamond XL9 Gripper.

The rise in thicker underlays beneath carpet has seen some fitters install double-runs of gripper, but even then, the thickness of gripper and pins is often not enough to get a good and reliable grip. So, floorwise has introduced Diamond XL9 Gripper. Using the wide 25mm format which has made Diamond Gripper the go-to product for installers, XL9 is now thicker at 9mm. Combined with the high nail and pin count, this means that Diamond XL9 Gripper brings the legendary hold to carpets with underlays 10mm thick and over.

Diamond XL9 Gripper comes pre-nailed for wood floors or with dual purpose nails for use with both concrete and wood floors, its zinc-coated nails and pins are rust-resistant and with 12 nails per five-foot length, Diamond XL9 Gripper also has a stronger fix to the subfloor. The extra-wide gripper is easier and safer to fit than conventional gripper as the nails are further away from walls and skirting, while 78 pins per five-foot length provide a superior hold of the stretched carpet.  

Andrew Gill, product manager, floorwise, says: “Diamond Gripper has a legendary status amongst installers and many see it as a sign of a quality installation. As such, it’s at the heart of fantastic floors all around the country. However, with consumers demanding greater comfort, we now see 10mm thick underlays as commonplace, so the limiting factor has become the thickness of the ply used in Gripper. To address this trend we’ve now introduced Diamond XL9 Gripper with 9mm thick plywood to bring the legendary hold of Diamond Gripper to thick underlays and luxury carpets.”

Supplied in boxes of 80, floorwise Diamond Gripper XL9 is available from floorwise distributors in UK, Ireland and Europe. You can earn points on every box of Diamond XL9 Gripper to redeem against over 70 rewards now available in flooring’s biggest promotion. 

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email [email protected]

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