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Forbo’s Here, There and Everyware Global

A range of products from Forbo Flooring Systems wide portfolio, including its new Tessera Create Space 3 carpet tiles, have been installed at the new headquarters for EveryWare Global – the leading international marketer and manufacturer of table top and food preparation products – to create a modern and vibrant working environment to stimulate work productivity, as well as reflecting the company’s branding.

EveryWare Global’s new modern headquarters is situated in a recently converted perfume factory in London that consists of offices, utility areas and a contemporary showroom featuring products across a selection of brands and designs for its clients to view.

Workspace Interiors worked closely with EveryWare Global’s marketing team to convey the company’s branding and product ranges within the interior design, as well as create a working space that could have a positive impact on employees’ creativity and productivity.

Mike Staples, Managing Director of Workspace Interiors Limited, commented: “When EveryWare Global acquired the new office and showroom space, they wanted to create a lively and more energetic workplace for their employees, as well as a professional image for their clients visiting the offices and showroom. We therefore decided to make use of the largest surface area in the building – the floor – to achieve this and to help section off different areas of the office.

“We chose to install Forbo’s Tessera Create Space 3 carpet tiles in platinum as the main design rolled out throughout the workplace, because we really liked the striking and modern linear design. We also specified the plusher Westbond carpet tiles in valentine, jade, flamenco and lime, which were used as vibrant accents to reflect EveryWare Global’s product brand colours.  Additionally, these bright colour pops helped to zone off copier areas, junctions between teams and other areas of the office. Forbo’s Allura Flex was also specified throughout the showroom and the tea points to compliment the existing contemporary aesthetics.”

The interior design of an office can have a direct effect on workers’ attitude and job satisfaction and so many companies are now seeking to provide spaces that are designed to inspire and motivate their staff. The choice of floor covering therefore plays a pivotal role in creating a stimulating working environment. One way to achieve this is by combining a mixture of floorcoverings from different designs and colours to sizes and formats.

As modular floor coverings, Tessera, Westbond and Allura Flex lend themselves perfectly to this sort of application, as they are available in a range of sizes, styles, colours and formats which can be mixed and matched together – offering complete design freedom for multiple application areas.

Mark Scott, Finance Director at EveryWare Global commented: “The flooring has really helped us to create the vibrant working environment we wanted.

“Since the refurbishment I have noticed a renewed enthusiasm from employees which I believe can be connected to the well designed workspace that is both stimulating and encouraging productivity and engagement, as well as enhancing their general well being – this is great news and exactly what we wanted.”

Mike concluded: “We’ve worked with Forbo on a number of projects, due to its extensive portfolio of good quality products, and we have developed an excellent relationship with their knowledgeable representatives – which makes designing for a project a lot easier.”

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