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FN Neuhofer Holz is once again winning over clients with innovations

Already well-known for its innovative strength and unusual marketing, the Austrian family firm FN Neuhofer Holz was once again able to win over clients at this year’s Domotex in Hanover. The new products and ranges as well as numerous models attracted plenty of attention on the extended exhibition area this year.

The design of the trade fair stand, which had been enlarged by 40 m², was revised again and convinced visitors with its exclusivity, clarity, openness and simultaneously well-conceived functionality based on the company’s own products. For example the cladding was made of hundreds of skirtings in an interpreted wood cell design, produced in-house using digital printing methods. The entire trade fair stand was enclosed in a white string curtain that really drew attention to the successful design.

The numerous visitors were received cordially by the FN team on two generously sized levels with a total presentation area of more than 350 m² and provided with professional advice.
The periphery was in the form of an open gallery while some of the meeting room areas on the first floor were closed off and each room dedicated to a particular topic.

The innovation centre at the core of the structure revealed product highlights in a stunning manner, using 3D videos in a mini-cinema, live product presentations and impressive displays.

Access to this area was limited to those with a specific invitation or those who introduced themselves to the attractive hostesses by presenting their visiting card.

For the product innovation ‘FN water-pro’, the waterproof skirting by FN Neuhofer Holz, visitors had the opportunity of having their picture taken with a top model from the current print ads.

They could then take the picture home as a souvenir of their successful trade fair visit.

PRODUCT INNOVATIONS 2016 – FN Digital direct printing 

The dream of drastically shortened delivery times, customised profiles, and small lot sizes that make economic sense is getting closer.

We are currently working on a method that allows neutral profiles and flooring profiles – i.e. standard MDF skirting boards, solid wood skirting boards or aluminium skirting boards and aluminium flooring profiles, even white plastic profiles – to be printed directly and digitally.

Special order goods, décors whose marketability is still uncertain, and above all quantities that to date were unable to be manufactured industrially could be processed in this way.

Procurement, warehousing – all of that is reduced to a minimum and permits delivery times that are otherwise available only online, but without the need for enormous inventory stocks.

After being printed, a variety of varnishes can be applied to the profiles with the desired gloss

level. Abrasion Class AC1 is possible for flooring profiles.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Greatest possible flexibility
  • incredibly short delivery times
  • Small lot sizes possible 

FN Digital 3D printing  

3D effects on profiles and flooring profiles, not engraved but embossed, relief-like. This is entirely new. We are working on this, too, with very promising results.

Consequently, the profile can finally keep pace with the beautiful structure of the flooring.

Printed in the same décor and now also in the same structure. Directly and digitally.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Relief-like 3D optics, matched to structured floorings
  • Digitally printed – fast and flexible
  • Resistant surfaces up to AC1

Fast sampling process

The great thing about digital printing is seeing results very quickly and also being able to correct them quickly if necessary. The way the sampling process works is that we scan the décor of the flooring provided by the customer and then process this scan on the computer on calibrated screens in such a way that the original and the file are as congruent as possible.

Next, a sample print is made, and the result is again compared with the original under a variety of lighting situations. If everything matches, the customer is asked to approve it. If not, we continue correcting it until it does.

Ideally, the customer is with us on location in Zell am Moos in order to give approvals. But that isn’t always possible. Alternatives are: sending the sample print by mail for approval, which, however, often costs valuable time. Or, and this is new, we photograph the just-printed décor together with the original flooring and send the customer the photo.

The customer can then quickly and easily approve the décor by email.

FN pro-tect – highly abrasion resistant and strong

Abrasion resistance – everybody is talking about it and terms are mentioned like AC2, AC3, EN 13329,

laminate, corundum and similar. But what is it really and what is it good for?

In principle it means nothing more that my sock or my shoe sole is destroyed rather than the decoration on the profile.

A strong protective layer is placed on the decoration that perfectly matches my floor and attached to a floor profile or similar, providing long-lasting defence against daily stress from shoes, vacuum cleaners, toy cars etc.

Corundum particles are integrated in this coating. Corundum measures a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is just less than a diamond, and these corundum particles are so finely distributed across the surface that they are invisible but still provide good protection.

This is also harder than any shoe soles or toy cars in the house. In combination with the company’s own digital printing this results in a perfect combination with regard to decoration match, flexibility and speed of delivery that can hardly be beaten.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Highly abrasion resistant surface with an abrasion class of AC2-4
  • No yellowing of the surface
  • Water and weather resistance of the surface
  • Extremely flexible surface, no limits to profile forms
  • Very simple and fast sampling process in combination with digital printing
  • An absolute match of the decoration with the floor and the skirting board as the same decorative paper is used as the basis and it is only the surface coating that differs
  • The coating is free of PVC, VOC and formaldehyde

FN cut-pro – renovation skirting boards for individual shortening

FN cut-pro can be shortened individually in accordance with taste and application.

This skirting board is most advantageous in renovations. Old strips of carpet that are glued to the wall and that are a nuisance because beautiful new laminate or LVT flooring has now taken the place of the carpet. Or tiled skirting that is no longer liked and needs to be covered.

On these skirting boards a cutter is used to separate the cover foil along a pre-milled groove and the unwanted section simply broken off backwards. If this is difficult then the cutter can help on the groove on the reverse.

This makes it possible to cut 3 different heights from one skirting board, depending on the intended purpose.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal for renovation work – there is no need to remove the old skirting board (especially on firmly secured tiled skirting)
  • The skirting board can be adapted perfectly to the skirting that needs to be covered by shortening the skirting segments
  • Can be shortened to 3 different heights
  • To cover thicker skirting boards the renovation skirting board can be easily placed at a greater angle
  • Simple to attach using nails, screws or adhesive

FN Sealing lips for skirting boards and floor profiles

As the number of LVT floors and vinyl coverings is increasing on the market the topic of skirting humidity protection is also moving into focus.

These floorings, if they are made of pure plastic, are often wet mopped and the skirting board, if it is made of wood, needs to survive this while also preventing water penetrating into the expansion joints behind and below the skirting boards and floor profiles.

Skirting boards and floor profiles are fitted with sealing lips for this purpose. These sealing lips are transparent and so soft and flexible that they press well onto the floor and also level any uneven areas. They are used to hold back the moisture and protect the joints.

Another effect is the reduction of sound transmission from the floor via the skirting board and into the wall. And from there to the neighbouring room.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Sealing lips protect the expansion joints from moisture
  • Reduction of sound transmission from the floor via the skirting board into the wall
  • Adhesive sealing lips for all FN skirting boards
  • Plastic profiles, coated with the same decoration as the floor, with clip-on sealing lips
  • Plastic floor profile, coated in the same decoration, with sealing lips
  • Registered for patent approval

FN white&pure – white foam skirting boards

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but lightness can be measured and water resistance is something that is becoming increasingly important as vinyl and LVT flooring becomes more popular. FN white&pure skirting boards unite all these properties in one product.

The weight advantage is a result of a foamed polystyrene core that is enclosed by a smooth, robust, white outer shell that provides an attractive appearance.

The water resistance is a product of the material: PS (polystyrene), a plastic that is also free of chlorine. Thus FN white&pure offers many positive characteristics in addition to the white colour, which is a current trend for skirting boards.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Skirting in PS foam with a very smooth and supple surface
  • Waterproof and thus also suitable for wet rooms
  • Simple to glue or nail, some can be attached using the FN Clipholder CH23
  • Plastic corners also available for some skirtings
  • Very light, making it easy to transport and handle

FN silco-flex – sealing profile  

Anyone who has tried to create an attractive and uniform silicone joint with a silicon pistol, and to achieve this without then getting silicone residue all over fingers and wall, knows the value of leaving this step out.

This is why we developed FN silco-flex. This profile that comes extremely close in appearance to a perfect silicone joint but that has the advantage of being simple to assemble.

It also does not discolour over time in the same way as silicone, making it very low maintenance.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible plastic that serves as a sealing lip
  • Small, but fine and flexible work surface strip
  • Simple to mount (with nails or adhesive) to the back of the work surface, furniture board etc.
  • Can also be used in the bathroom, but ideally to be glued into the joint to be sealed, in combination with silicone
  • No discolouration after a longer period as sometimes happens with silicone, making it very low maintenance
  • Configurable in many colours

Skirting for kitchen work surfaces

FN wall connection profile (WAP)

We are from the wood sector and know that you can’t saw wood without creating sawdust in the same way that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Or cook in a kitchen without creating steam and spraying grease, using aggressive cleaning materials and spilling things that are not meant to be spilled. So the joint between the wall and the work surface needs to be covered to prevent all this getting behind the work surface.

That is what wall connection profiles do. They are available in different sizes and decorations, ideally replicating the pattern on the surface so that the skirting is as invisible as possible.

All the skirtings have sealing lips that press firmly against the wall when fitted and prevent grease, humidity or dirt from entering the joint behind them.

The surfaces are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Length of the profiles: 3000 mm / 9.84 ft. and 590 mm / 1.94 ft.

Length of KU034: 2400 mm / 7.87 ft.

Special lengths on request

Benefits at a glance:

  • The skirting can be matched to the work surface
  • Sealing lips on the profiles or the subprofiles protect against moisture penetration
  • Simple clip profiles with covered fastening
  • FN silco-flex is a simple seal profile that serves as a replacement for a silicone joint
  • The range also includes end sealing strips for plinth panels

FN Superfix – keeps the skirting board in position

Skirting boards are often glued. If this is done with a construction adhesive that takes a long time to harden then you need all sorts of objects to keep the freshly glued skirting board in position against the wall.

We have looked at this problem and developed a piece of equipment to keep the skirting board in position: FN Superfix.

FN Superfix is used on the surface of the skirting board and weighed down with objects that are easy to find on the building site: full beer bottles, full construction adhesive cartridges or other weights. The rubber under the FN Superfix means that the skirting board fixer cannot slip away as the weight exerts pressure on the skirting board, thus fixing the skirting board in the correct position.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Simple application, simple to fit to the skirting board
  • The intelligent geometry of FN Superfix allows the fixer to be adjusted to the skirting board height as necessary
  • FN Superfix can be held down with various weights: beer bottles, adhesive cartridges, anything that is heavy
  • FN Superfix can be used multiple times and is thus a sustainable product 

FN Recovered wood – making new out of old. For the sake of the environment.

We now also include a recovered wood programme for interior fitting into our range.

FN-Neuhofer-Domotex-2 FN-Neuhofer-Domotex-3

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