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Flowcrete UK Launches Comfort Resins Range

Flowcrete UK has launched a new comfort flooring range to provide the developers and designers of commercial and public facilities with finishes that will deliver the necessary practical, aesthetic and budgetary criteria.

The Comfort Resins collection includes the systems Peran Comfort and Peran CHD as well as Flowshield Comfort and Flowshield CHD. These self-smoothing and flexible polyurethane coatings are all able to create a durable, seamless and easy to clean surface that will withstand intensive foot traffic, rigorous cleaning as well as the scuffs, stains and scratches that the floor will face on a daily basis.

Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said: “We’ve compiled our Comfort Resins collection as there is a growing demand in the construction market for flooring solutions that combine design with comfort and care.

“This is a particular issue within locations such as hospitals, schools and shopping centres, where it is imperative that the floor retains a hygienic, visually appealing surface despite a variety of challenging operating conditions that could stain, chip, erode or crack an insufficiently robust floor finish.”

The Peran systems consist of an aliphatic main layer with a clear aliphatic topcoat. This formulation increases the UV stability, meaning that it won’t lose its colour or vibrancy after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

The Flowshield solutions represent the cost effective end of the new range. Created using an aromatic main body with a coloured aliphatic topcoat, Flowshield Comfort and Flowshield CHD provide the same cleanability and aesthetic properties but don’t have the enhanced UV stability of the Peran systems.

Available in a variety of colours, the Comfort Resins range is ideal for creating a minimalist, warm and modern aesthetic that will complement a contemporary interior design scheme.

The bright, smooth and seamless surface conveys a pleasant and positive atmosphere, which in retail locations can help to keep customers happy and engaged. These flooring properties can also be a distinct asset in the healthcare and education sectors, which want to avoid an ‘institutional’ look without compromising on cleanliness and functionality.

The robust nature of the CHD systems means that they can even retain a hygienic, attractive finish within industrial facilities.

The durability of the polyurethane solutions in the Comfort Resins range means that every system will be able to maintain its visual and functional properties for an extended period of time.

Interior air quality is a key concern for the operators of large-scale commercial or public buildings. The Comfort Resins range meets the M1 emission classification for building materials, which is the lowest emission class there is.

This classification proves that the Comfort Resins range limits the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as other toxins and odours in the environment compared to many alternative flooring materials.

The Comfort Resins range can be seamlessly incorporated into Flowcrete UK’s innovative Floorzone package. This package has been developed to provide clients with every possible element of the floor build-up, including the screed, underfloor heating, acoustic insulation and topped by a high performance resin finish.

Combining Flowcrete UK’s Comfort Resins with underfloor heating creates a warm and pleasant surface to walk across, making any environment more welcoming and comfortable.

Flowcrete UK is committed to ensuring that clients get the most from the floor throughout its lifecycle. To achieve this, Flowcrete provides an aftercare package to help facilities managers and site operators keep the floor clean, attractive and functional.

This includes advice on the best methods for maintaining the floor in various parts of a facility as well as cleaning techniques for when the floor is exposed to different conditions, such as excess water and heavy soiling.

To find out more about the new Comfort Resins range head to or contact one of Flowcrete’s flooring specialists by emailing [email protected] or call 01270 753000.

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