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Flotex – The high tech textile

Durable and comfortable, quiet yet hygienic, warm while washable, safe but sound absorbing – all the characteristics needed to create better working environments in just one high quality floor covering: Flotex.

Now Forbo Flooring Systems has introduced a linear ingenuity to its unique hybrid range.

Flotex Linear encompasses the current directional trend and a sophisticated colour palette ideal for office spaces, with individual ranges created to work together to fashion integrated flooring design concepts.

Jason Holmes Head of Design at Forbo Flooring Systems says: “Still proving popular in commercial spaces, a linear pattern works in synergy with the angular faces and facades of commercial architecture, whilst injecting accents of colour into a workspace.

Forbo’s Flotex Linear collection is no different, yet it excels itself in providing a design concept with five new linear focused designs, 59 unique on-trend colourways and a versatility quite like no other.

“With the ability to install Flotex tiles in a variety of ways, the creative flexibility afforded by the design concept is certainly impressive with the freedom to combine ranges that are fully coordinated. The muted colourways and stylish design of Integrity2 and the bold and multi-coloured striped pattern of Complexity for example, can be used together to provide a much more striking and dramatic effect to any commercial space.”

The subtle tailored design of Pinstripe can be installed either brick or tessellated and when laid in a different installation style, produces a very distinctive effect.

The sophisticated linear design is based on a soft suiting fabric with a trendy urban twist and so complements contemporary office spaces, both large and small.

Cirrus on the other hand, is particularly ideal for large-scale office installations with a unique mix of bold shades interposed alongside a more neutral palette.

When used in combination with the distinct Stratus design, colour coordinated solutions can easily be created. Alternatively, the variety of installation methods available for these two ranges with the tile format opens up a huge number of creative flooring options that work well within an open plan office that requires defined breakout areas.

The requirements for a commercial floor covering can undoubtedly place specifiers with a difficult decision on what type of floor covering to specify.

With the office environment becoming a marketplace of knowledge and a venue for social interaction, it is no longer just for working.

For this reason there are many more demands being placed on the interior finishes as the ‘open plan’ element incorporates sub divisions and areas that have differing functional requirements.

Flotex is an extremely viable option to meeting this challenge and the beauty of the hybrid product is the multiple high performance characteristics all in one floor covering.

Jason says: “Flotex has an altogether bionic flooring performance that is combined with a level of sophistication and style, which makes it an incredibly fresh and modern alternative to carpet tiles. With an Allergy UK Seal of Approval, Flotex aids a healthy interior by trapping allergens in the tip of the nylon fibres until easily releasing them on vacuuming.

“The 70 million fibres per m2 in Flotex provide a soft and warm textured surface that is also highly suitable for areas that might come into contact with liquids, thanks to the fact that Flotex is 100% waterproof. Meanwhile, the fibres are extraordinarily flexible and comfortable underfoot, yet their density, design and strength means they will return to their original shape.

“However, the really exciting part comes in the innovative concepts and advanced printing technologies that enable truly bespoke and custom-made designs along with a remarkable on demand collection, Flotex Vision, of over 600 designs.”

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