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Floorwise Launches All New Underlay Sampling

Floorwise has launched new underlay sampling across its full collection of carpet and laminate underlays giving retailers more flexibility and better up selling opportunity.  

Right at the heart of a fantastic floor, selecting the right underlay can make a huge difference to the comfort and durability of a new carpet. However, for many retailers, clearly demonstrating the differences between different underlay types and specifications to customers is no easy task thereby making it more difficult to upsell them to a better-quality product. 

With this in mind, floorwise has completely overhauled its underlay sampling, introducing a brand-new star rating system for comfort, durability and bouncebackability. The star rating clearly indicates why one underlay carries a premium over another and helps customers make an informed and educated choice when selecting their underlay. The leading underlay brand has also standardised descriptions and wordings across sampling to improve clarity and consistency.

Andrew Gill, product manager, floorwise, says: “Selecting the right underlay has a massive impact on the comfort and longevity of a new carpet. This means that there is a good opportunity for retailers to find extra revenue in their underlay sales. However, in order for that to happen customers need to understand exactly what the additional cost gets them. That’s been quite tricky up until now, but, with our simple star rating system and clear communication, we believe this new sampling will be challenging the status quo.”

Retailers and installers can also benefit from an improved range of sampling options. There are still the traditional standard A3 samples but there is also now a new compact and more versatile A4 sample along with a high-quality presenter folder to keep all your samples in one place. The selection of underlays contained in this folder can be personalised to contain different underlay types to offer a good – better – best hierarchy to potential customers alongside more specialist options such as underlays for use with UFH systems making it an excellent ‘desktop’ tool for anyone involved in the choosing or specification of underlays. 

“Along with giving retailers more options for how they sell underlay, we’ve also updated the visual identity for a more cohesive and distinct family feel,” continues Andrew. “Longer term we’re also looking at how this modular solution might be able to provide a different approach to sampling carpet underlay and profiles, giving even more reasons to choose floorwise as the start of fantastic floors.” 

For further information on these and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email [email protected]

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