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Flooring tops consumer hit list

May Design Series research shows flooring is nation’s top priority for 2015

The product that consumers are most likely to purchase for their homes in 2015 is flooring, according to the Interiors Buying Census. The report into consumer purchase habits in 2015 was commissioned by UBM, organisers of the May Design Series trade exhibition, and independently surveyed a representative sample of over 2,000 adults in the UK.

The Census asked consumers which interior products they are looking to purchase this year, and an impressive 21% of Brits stated that they plan to purchase flooring – more than any other product, including armchairs, lighting, beds or cushions. 

The report also revealed that consumers make the decision to purchase flooring relatively quickly, typically taking around one to two weeks – compared with up to three months for kitchen cabinets.

Mark Rigby, Business Development Manager at May Design Series exhibitor British Ceramic Tile, commented: “Flooring has become a design statement; it is the fifth wall. You can completely transform a room with a statement floor. Floor tiles have seen significant growth, fuelled by the needs of the modern family.”

Elsewhere, the Interiors Buying Census revealed that surprisingly few consumers are concerned about buying British products for their homes – just 18% naming it as a consideration. On the contrary, a quarter of all shoppers are now consciously purchasing products that have been produced sustainably.

Top earners (£200,000+ per annum), as well as those aged 55+, are more likely to want to touch and feel a product before purchasing it, and interestingly the larger the budget, the savvier the customer is likely to be when deciding whether to part with their money. Although nine in 10 shoppers claim that price is their main consideration when shopping for interior product, a third admit that they are ultimately led by their emotions and will rarely stick to their pre-determined budgets.

UBM’s Interiors Buying Census is now available to download in full without charge at May Design Series 2015 will take place at London’s ExCeL from 17-19 May.

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