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Finding a Cure for the Cold

At Watco, we understand that safe, good looking industrial floors are essential for a multitude of reasons. Damaged floors not only look unsightly, but can lead to injury and to costly industrial repairs. Floors made slippery by chemicals or moisture also need to be addressed, and any time your premises are out of action, you’ll inevitably lose money.

Any industrial floor will naturally fail in time, whether as a result of heavy continuous use or workplace hazards. Add to this the additional challenges of lower temperatures in the work place, be it weather conditions or cold working environments like walk in fridges or cold rooms, and the need for a product that will cure quickly at low temperatures becomes imperative.

So, Watco has developed a cold cure range, based upon some of our best performing products.

Concrex is an incredibly tough, epoxy resin mortar used for repairing damaged, cracked or dangerous concrete floors.

Watco Concrex Cold Set: This version of Watco Concrex can be applied at lower temperatures. Curing in 24 hours at 0˚C, it can be used both outside in winter and inside in cold room conditions and provides a hard wearing, smooth finish which is resistant to chemicals. For coloured floors use Watco Concrex Coloured Cold Set.

Watco Concrex Deepfill Cold Set: Is ideal for filling deeper holes in cold areas. It cures in 24 hours at 0 ˚c and can be used in a temperature range of 0˚c to +10˚c. It will cover 0.5m² per kg at 30mm thick.

If the hole contains ice, pour hot water over to melt it and then remove the water before filling with Concrex. To ensure that the Concrex bonds well in cold and/or damp areas, we suggest using Watco Tack Coat before application.


Watco Cold Set Coating: Uses the latest Polyaspartic resin technology for a high quality, high wear resistant coating that can be applied at low temperatures. It is ideal for refurbishment and maintenance in unheated areas during the winter months when conventional coatings will fail to dry.

Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure: A slip resistant coating that can be applied as low as -20˚c. It is ideal for refurbishment and maintenance in unheated areas during the winter months or when conventional coatings will not set. Its exceptional resistance to UV also makes it ideal for exterior applications.

Both cure in 8 hours at 0˚C (48 hours at -10˚C) for light traffic, but allow 24 hours before introducing heavy traffic.

Watco Safety Grip Cold Cure: Provides extra traction in areas of severe slip hazard, even when wet or oily. Use In unheated areas or outside during the winter months or whenever the temperature drops below 10˚C. Cures at 0˚C in 48 hours.

Watco Bund Sealer Cold Cure: Seals and protects bund areas and storage tanks in temperatures as low as 0˚C. Cures in 48 hours at 0˚C.

Our customer service team are happy to help and answer any questions you might have. Please call 01483 418 418

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