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Fight back against UV rays with Suretex

F&X Carpets is starting off 2016 with a bang, launching four brand new collections under its Suretex brand of stain-resistant carpet and welcoming in a milestone in polypropylene fibre development.

With Joy, Meridian, Capital and Casa, F&X Carpets is ensuring that Suretex remains one of the brightest new brands in residential carpet through a mix of style, colour, great value and the introduction of UV-protection throughout the collection. 

Using a newly developed Suretex yarn that is extruded in-house, F&X Carpets equips each carpet with softness, resilience and vivid colour, while retaining the bleach cleanability and stain-resistance that makes polypropylene a great choice in a wide range of homes. This in-house engineering has also allowed the manufacturer to include UV-protection throughout the Suretex collection.

UV rays can be harmful to polypropylene carpets and in areas flooded with light, time can cause severe degradation of the fibre, causing the carpet to simply fall apart. With the special UV-absorbing additives found in Suretex carpets this is prevented from happening, meaning that Suretex carpets provide a better long-term solution.

“These new ranges are the first to embrace our in-house yarn that gives Suretex carpets a finer finish, better resilience and complete and lasting protection from harmful UV rays,” says Gordon Hugo, sales manager. “Retaining colour and preventing degradation in even the brightest of rooms, as well as our fast-growing reputation for excellent value, these new styles are sure to set the UK market alight, redefining excellence in polypropylene carpet.” 

For more information contact, F&X Carpets, Gordon Hugo, 07976 607657, [email protected]

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