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Express yourself with Mapei’s seamless resin flooring solutions versatility and design

Mapei have a large number of solutions available to cover all flooring needs effectively and efficiently: durable, resistant and versatile as well as highly aesthetic solutions for any space.

In the seamless flooring sector, there are many products to meet the demands of different uses. Resin flooring is used in industrial environments, food and beverage and chemical industries, through to service environments in hospitals, shopping centres and airports.

Martin Yarker, Technical Advisor for Resin flooring at Mapei commented “Solutions and specifications vary according to each area of use and are chosen by performance characteristics, as well as the finish or pattern which makes them bespoke to each and every client.

We mustn’t forget that resin flooring is applied skillfully by hand by individual floor layers, so each solution really is subtly unique.”

When specifying for a project, these performance characteristics often govern which colours and textures are available; specifications for resin flooring must be taken on a case by case basis, with design choices, functions and installation approaches all needing consideration.

For certain projects it is desirable to retain the existing flooring as well as putting down new flooring. Resin systems allows you to apply a system that takes up very little space of a few millimeters to create seamless surfaces. If desired, self-levelling resins have the ability to highlight the difference in style between an existing exposed structure and the new smooth flooring whilst remaining as a functional space.

Mapei’s self-leveling cementitious flooring Ultratop also serves to strengthen artistic features of a space whilst providing a durable flooring solution for heavy traffic areas such as retail spaces and museums.

There are no longer set rules when specifying a flooring system; a single area can be subtly divided using Mapei’s resin, cementitious or comfort flooring solutions. For specification and technical information about Mapei’s range of Resin and Resilient floor coverings, email [email protected] or call 0121 508 6970.

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