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Employees Favour Flexible Working Hours

Most adults in the UK prefer flexible working over traditional hours, a survey has found.

A study by YouGov of 4,295 adults found that only 6% of people work from 9am to 5pm.

Instead, many workers favour more choice in the hours they work, with 42% of respondents working flexibly in one way or another.

Given the choice, 57% people in full-time employment would prefer to start earlier than 9am and finish earlier than 5pm, while 48% would work a longer day in return for a shorter working week.

The majority (70%) of those polled would like to work more flexibly in the future, and 69% say it would encourage them to stay in a job for longer.

Peter Cheese, co-chairman of the government’s flexible working taskforce, said offering flexible hours can give employers “access to wider talent pools and create more inclusive work environments”.

He added:

“While government has a role to play in driving change across the labour market, employers also need to take charge, putting flexible working options in place and improving behaviours and attitudes towards flexible working to create a win-win for individuals and organisations.”

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