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Embrace Nature’s Palette 

Trend: Earthy Browns & Greens With Tile of Spain 

With the ongoing popularity of biophilic design and homeowners wanting to introduce elements that bring the outside, inside, an earthy colour palette has seen a huge rise in demand. Exuding peace, balance, and harmony, incorporating earthy green and brown tiles into kitchens and bathrooms is a dynamic and eye-catching way to blend sophistication with nature-inspired design. With a curated collection of innovative and characterful designs to choose from, the 125 manufacturers represented by Tile of Spain encapsulate the versatility of this trend. 

A harmonious blend of style and sustainability, warm tones like rustic terracotta and olive green add a welcome warmth and familiarity to homes – helping homeowners create a spa-inspired space whether traditional or more contemporary. 

Whilst brown is reminiscent of natural elements, such as wood and stone, green is often associated with vitality and newness. Green and brown tiles work perfectly as a neutral base or backdrop, or alternatively to add depth and richness, layer the colours together in a striking pattern to draw the eye in. From warm cocoa browns to luscious verdant greens, these tiles work beautifully in smaller spaces like kitchen splashbacks and behind bathroom sinks, as well as on larger areas such as shower walls and hallway floors. 

Whether paired together or used separately, the power of earthy greens and browns is undeniable. Both colours have been scientifically proven to improve emotional well-being and mindfulness, due to their calming energy. Whilst using brown can evoke feelings of stability and security, greens are known for their sense of serenity and tranquillity. 

An earthy colour palette not only brings aesthetic appeal and timeless style, but it also reflects the manufacturers’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly design practices. 

Representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers across Spain, Tile of Spain promotes the incredible quality and values worldwide of the Spanish tile industry. Versatile, durable, and authentic, Spanish tiles offer unique characteristics and unlimited aesthetic possibilities whilst acting as a global benchmark for their high degree of innovation. 


1. Grid Tile in Moss from Raster Collection by WOW Design

2. Kasbah Fez Deko Terracotta Tile by Roca

3. Palatino Natural Marble Porcelain Tile by Gayaflores

4 & 8. Fango Cotto Decor Green Gloss Tile by Equipe

5. Newclay Tile by Argenta

6. Ainsa Cotto Tile from Bestile

7. Fango Cotto Decor Blanc Tile by Equipe

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