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Ege carpets create the atmosphere

Slow down and stop for a moment.

Join us on a relaxing journey to the recently opened Hungarian Hotel Arcanum; a luxury resort in Békéscsaba located 200 kilometres from Budapest and 15 kilometres from Gyula, the tourist capital of the South Great Plains.

This luxury resort expresses a unique atmosphere that will inspire you to let the textile flooring be one of the ground pillars in your interior decoration.

Far from the daily stress and noise of the world, Hotel Arcanum embraces you with an exclusive and peaceful environment with premium services in the building of the former army base of Békéscsaba.

The hotel offers 22 elegant rooms, two apartments, wellness and fitness facilities.

The gastronomical satisfaction is ensured by the hotel’s restaurant, which also provides a beautiful panoramic park view from the terrace located on the top of the building.

Carpets create the atmosphere

The architect of the project, Edit Kiss from KE Interiors in Szeged, Hungary, has exploited ege’s collections to the fullest and created beautiful rooms based on the designs Ottoman Stencil, Azulejos, College Check, Scottish and Calcutta Red. “We wanted to create an elegant, harmonic and warm atmosphere to underline the unique spirit all guests experience here” Edit Kiss explains about the design before she continues: “This intention is reflected in the choice of wallpapers, textiles, furniture and carpets.”

Edit Kiss further explains: “We were inspired to make spaces that relax and visually please the guests. When they enter the hotel, they feel that every detail is designed carefully.”

The restaurant occupied with bright, warm earth colours and the pattern of the carpet blends into this scheme.

The main element of the pattern appears on the floor in the corridors and the rooms.

The sizes and the colours are different but the diamond shape is a distinct and unifying element in the design.

The warm flow of beige and brown runs on the floors of the hotel. Two suits and a private bar placed on the top floor are following a different colour scheme.

Opposite to the lower levels, the carpet has more vivid colour compositions and patterns with deep reds and greens, but they are still kept in the same colours as the other elements of the interior.

Why choose ege carpets?

With regard to the co-operation between KE Interiors and ege Edit Kiss concludes: “We were very satisfied with ege’s assistance, technical features and quality. During the process prints and samples arrived quickly which made our work easier. ege offered us great flexibility through the whole design process and the wide range of colours and the possibility to combine different designs eased the planning process. The provided samples and visualisations helped us imagine the finished interiors and with these options we were able to define every fine detail in the carpets.”

Want to get inspired?

Learn more about ege’s wide range of collections that fulfils any design need imaginable.

We give you the opportunity to recolour our standard designs in order to create a design that meets all of your wishes.

And if you wish a completely new design we can meet your request by producing carpet designs in any colour of the rainbow for rooms of all sizes.

Quality:Highline 750 and 910
Quantity:1,400 m2
Architectural firm:KE Interior, Hungary
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