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Cork Flooring that can with Tessughero fabric

With a stunning and unique aesthetic, Tessughero cork fabric flooring from Granorte brings a beautiful and practical alternative in a range of interior applications.

Largely handcrafted, Tessughero uses thin sheets of natural cork adhered to a range of backings depending on the application. From clothing, handbags and shoes to upholstered furniture, decorative wallpaper and more, this incredibly versatile fabric can inspire new levels of creativity in interiors.

Testament to this, Tessughero is available in an incredible 50 different options. From rustic and refined traditional cork looks to mosaics and linear designs as well as 25 different colour options, this fabric brings a wondrous array of options, all with the practicality offered by this natural and renewable material.

Tough and durable, stain-resistant, waterproof and easily cleaned with just a damp cloth, Tessughero is a practical option in commercial interiors, offering an alternative to more conventional fabrics without performance trade-offs. And using the bark of the cork tree, which can be harvested for some 200 years from well-managed forests, there are few alternatives that can offer such a sustainable option.

“Tessughero takes the practical qualities and aesthetics of cork, translating them into a beautiful fabric that really does bring a fresh and unique dynamic to interiors,” explains Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “We hope that our fabric will inspire designers to think of uses for cork that will make the most of its practical benefits, while also creating finishes that are resplendent in the distinctive qualities of this natural material.”

For further information, Granorte 01785 711131, www.granorte.co.uk, [email protected]

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