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Complete your perfect room with D-lines new floor trim

When it comes to finishing your room off perfectly, the devil is often in the detail, and sometimes the solutions you have do not do the rest of your room justice.

With the average home having in excess of 170m of exposed cables, this can often make the difference between having the ideal result for your room and the annoyance of trying to hide cables in a tidy manner.

D-Line have a range of high quality cable management products that blend beautifully with skirting allowing a decorative but very practical way to hide cables above skirting. Following further research and demand from customers, they have now launched a range of flooring products that offer a very professional finish to floor edging and, at the same time, give the option of hiding cables around floors.

Paul Ruddick, chief executive officer for D-Line said: “The new flooring products we have developed give customers an even bigger choice of ways to complete the look of their rooms but with the added advantage of hiding cables at the same time.”

Available in white, light oak or stainable finishes, the D-Line flooring blends with any finish and the result is the perfect solution for your perfect room. This has been confirmed by feedback received from customers with comments such as: “This flooring was a perfect finish to my room and, as I bought the stainable version, matched my floor exactly – hiding the cables at the same time – a great solution!”
A further advantage of the product is that it is very easy to fit and still get a professional finish, and much quicker than traditional beading – in tests, it was up to 50% faster to fit and, with the accessories, the finish is perfect.

As well as being an easier-to-fit item, by considering how awkward it can be to access cables under a wood or ceramic floor, it future proofs the room for when products with cables, such as surround sound systems, broadband or TVs, are installed, because it opens up so that cables can be hidden inside.

Wood-based flooring requires a trim not only for tidiness, but also to ensure there is no gap when temperature fluctuations cause contractions and expansions of the floor.

D-Line Flooring Trim is the latest in a range of products launched by D-Line to reduce cable clutter around the home, which we complain can look messy, be awkward to clean around, create dust traps, and make a trip or safety hazard.

The D-Line Flooring Trim is on sale through B&Q Warehouses.

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