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Central Flooring Services think outside the box with Power Plane Technology

Central Flooring Services were awarded a project from Wates to remove more than 100,000 sq ft of old bitumen based flooring from an old distribution warehouse, once the home of BHS, now to house the Royal Mail Sorting Office.

They needed to think outside the box on a project this size, firstly, how would they remove around 300 tons of asphalt floor, installed at approximately 38mm thick.

Secondly, they needed to remove it without damaging the concrete substrate.

Thirdly, how would they handle the waste, it would represent over 60 skips plus around 5000 man-hours.

They researched every avenue, leaving no stone unturned to ensure they did not fail on this project.

Central Flooring Services discovered a £500,000 piece of equipment that would answer all their needs.


A piece of plant, used on motorway improvement schemes, the machine chews up roads placing the waste directly on the back of road trucks in pieces of waste so small it requires no further grading before recycling.

They also discovered the machine would not only remove the asphalt screed, but it would also leave the floor ready to pump a 10mm thick, cementitious screed to provide their customer with a floor that would provide many years of trouble free service.

Not only did Central Flooring Services discover an industry first, but this new system also fulfilled many environmental benefits.

Diverting 286 tons of waste from going to Landfill, this was recycled and used locally, Saing over 60 skips from being used, which in turn saved over 47 truck journeys resulting in 1135 litres of fuel from being used.

The Power Plane Technology enabled Central Flooring Services to divert 100% from Landfill as all the waste was taken away from the site in pre-graded sizes, making it a perfect commodity for re-use.

It is a credit to Central Flooring Services for not only finding a solution to the project but also for sharing the knowledge while making a huge leap in our Industry.

They believe the Power Plane Technology saved around £30,000 in labour and fuel; however, the biggest saving was the 300 tonnes of potential unwanted waste, now recycled for use on other construction projects.

The money saved using the technology allowed Central Flooring Services to make their bid competitive at the tender stage which resulted in being awarded the project.

The way Central Flooring Services carried out the whole project was so innovative as it had never been tried before let alone completed.

It was calculated the overall savings were 10%, which shows when you have the right team and creative thinking – anything is possible.


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