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Breathe with Leoline and Avenue

A quality you can breathe with Leoline and Avenue


Not only do Leoline and Avenue cushion floors bring style and quality to the home, they are now rated as having very low VOC emissions, contributing to a healthier home.

Tested under rigorous German and French standards, both Leoline and Avenue cushion floors have proved that they cause no harm to occupants and can help maintain a cleaner air quality. Awarded A+ in France’s mandatory indoor air quality labelling, that considers VOC levels, both Avenue and Leoline products were recorded as having the lowest level of emissions (A+). And in Germany, a task force of public health authorities, agBB has found Avenue and Leoline floors meet the specification ‘no cushion flooring should cause any harm to the occupants of the building’.

Under IVC Group’s International Air Quality (IAQ) Testing Program, part of its ISO9001 Quality Management System, Avenue and Leoline cushion floors have been submitted for some of the most rigorous testing in Europe, executed by EN Notified laboratories and based on EN or ISO lab methods.

“Our IAQ Testing Program is of great importance in validating the very low VOC emissions of both Leoline and Avenue residential floors,” says Caroline Wille, product manager for both brands. “With consumers increasingly worried about pollution and allergies, retailers can turn towards Avenue and Leoline as an ideal choice, offering not only great style and quality, but also proven low emissions.”

For further information contact IVC Group on +32 5665 3211 or visit www.ivcgroup.com

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