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Speed – Bostik’s levelling compounds

Bostik’s range of floor levelling compounds are specifically designed to meet the different challenges faced by professional flooring contractors.

For example, Bostik Screedmaster Speed has been designed specifically for projects where tight deadlines must be met without compromising on quality. This two part, high strength polymer modified cementitious underlayment sets in as little as thirty minutes, allowing subfloors to be prepared for covering as quickly as possible.

Bostik Screedmaster Smooth is designed for use on projects where an ultra-smooth subfloor finish is required. It is suitable for use by trowel and mortar screed pump, allowing for quick, efficient application.

Also available are Bostik Screedmaster Deep, designed for applications where a screed of up to 50mm depth is required, and Bostik Screedmaster Ultimate, a protein-free latex smoothing compound for a high quality finish in general applications.

Bostik Screedmaster Ultimate was used by Orchard Flooring at a recent development for Avery Healthcare in Stoke on Trent. Orchard’s Operations Manager Michael Day commented:

“I have been in the flooring industry for over twenty years and have always used Bostik products. We find that the combination of reliable product quality and excellent technical support allows us to get the job done as accurately as possible time and again.”

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