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Bolon brings extended flooring collection to design events

 The tiles are an abstract version of the 6 roll patterns, which can be customised using 4 warp and 12 weft colours.

Swedish design company Bolon brings its latest addition to the Bolon By You collection, to Biennale INTERIEUR and Orgatec.

The Bolon design team has created Bolon By You to give designers and architects the chance to create flooring that truly reflects their aesthetic and functional vision.

Nine exclusive patterns

The collection consists of three new tile patterns – Field, Poppy and Stitch along with six roll patterns of diverse character – Weave, Geometric, Dot, Lace, Grid and Stripe – from these, a wide spectrum of visual identities can be created.

From graphic, linear expressions to organic, softer forms and playful elements, Bolon By You encourages designers to explore and create. However, it is not only the patterns in Bolon By You that release creativity.

Twelve weft colours

Weft also offers up some exciting new possibilities.

The collection features twelve new weft colours not available in any other Bolon standard collection.

These represent a wide palette, from light pastel shades to vibrant, confident primary colours and darker, more sober tones.

Bolon’s Chief Creative Officer Marie Eklund says –

“Materials and how they interact is central to the work of the architect or designer. They also define the architectural spirit of a space. Bolon By You recognises this and offers more creative flexibility, which ultimately leads to interiors with increased design synergy.”

This fall, you have an opportunity at two international design events to meet the new and expanded collection “Bolon by You”.

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