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Bend the Rules of Design: Curved Application Solutions from Havwoods

Market-leading wood surface specialists, Havwoods, has developed and enhanced its collection to include new and innovative veneers that can be applied to curved surfaces – with the addition of the Elegante and PureVeneer ranges.

Offering versatility and flexibility, these groundbreaking collections offer architects, designers and homeowners the opportunity to create stunning designs, made from high-quality materials, which can be applied to curved surfaces such as walls, cabinetry and furniture.

The 3-dimensional Elegante Veneer sheets introduce beauty in intricate shapes that add intrigue to spaces. The grain structures of different timber species are expertly recreated in stunning, colour consistent veneers which are then meticulously milled in the Italian countryside to create stunning profiled sheets that have the flexibility to be used upon curved sub-structures.

The low-density structure means that the veneers are extremely lightweight compared to an alternative wood equivalent, resulting in a more amenable and flexible product that can be fixed onto walls, furniture, cabinetry and subtly curved surfaces. The range is made up of 10 colours and 3 different constructions, with the option for custom designs as well.

Part of the PurePanel collection, the PureVeneer sheets from Havwoods are pre-finished, flat sheet veneers that offer fantastic flexibility to create stylish and unique interiors for both residential and commercial spaces.

Versatile and ready to use, the sheets offer the same distinctive look and feel as solid wood but are a more affordable and time-saving option. Coloured to complement some of Havwoods’ most popular flooring designs, customers have a choice of 9 finishes. The collection includes everything from the rich tones of Walnut and Vernon to the sandy hues of Artenay and Paron.

Havwoods’ curved products are crafted using advanced techniques that ensure flexibility without compromising on strength or durability. The panels and sheets can easily conform to the contours of curved walls and furniture, whilst providing a smooth and professional finish. Designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use, the collections are guaranteed to maintain their integrity and appearance over time.

With an array of products suited to a variety of surface applications, Havwoods’ product selection offers both traditional and contemporary designs in a range of colours, patterns and materials. From virtual appointments to showroom experts in a choice of five locations, the dedicated team works closely with every customer to ensure every detail of their project is met.
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1 – 5. Elegante Veneers start from £817.95 per sheet
6. Artenay PurePanel Veneer start from £375.95 per sheet
7. Bayonne PurePanel Veneer start from £375.95 per sheet
8. Brienne PurePanel Veneer start from £375.95 per sheet
9. Walnut PurePanel Veneer start from £404.95 per sheet
10. Taize PurePanel Veneer start from £375.95 per sheet
11. Paron PurePanel Veneer starts from £83.95 per sheet
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