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AEG UltraCaptic

What they say…. 

The AEG UltraCaptic is a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner with a new trick – clean emptying.

The dust you suck up is compressed into a ‘cake’, which should drop into your bin without the usual accompanying dust cloud – but does it work?

Powerful effortless cleaning

The UltraCaptic is more silent than most other Multi Cyclonic cleaners, without compromising cleaning efficiency.

The powerful Multi Cyclonic suction in combination with a super efficient AeroPro Silent nozzle, makes sure you get spotless results with a single sweep, even in corners and tight spots.

The flexible nozzle and the practical 3in1 accessories make sure you can clean all types of surfaces.

You can move seamlessly between wood floors, carpets, tiles, furniture, crevices and any other surface in your home.

Hygienic Hepa filter

The UltraCaptic features a long lasting hygienic HEPA 13 allergy filter that catches even the tiniest dust particles, making it the perfect vacuum for allergies and for everyone else who wants truly clean results.

The Hepa filter lasts for up to 5 years, and is easy to replace when the time comes.

Other amazing features that I think are attractive include:

  • Hygienic dust emptying thanks to ‘Compact and Go’ Technology
  • Hygienic HEPA 13 allergy filter that catches even the tiniest of dust particles
  • Superior handling – big, soft wheels and a bumpers allow it to glide behind you whilst cleaning
  • Quiet operation at 79dB – with specially designed ‘Silent Air’ floor nozzle
  • Can be stored in a vertical or horizontal setting
  • Comes with a 7-meter reverse cord re-winder and covers a 10 meter action radius

What we say….

What a lovely little vacuum this is! Easy to manoeuvre, UltraCaptic has soft wheels and bumpers and glides nicely behind you whilst you are cleaning.

The cleaning performance is excellent and at 300 airwatts the suction on this compact little machine really is amazing – probably the best we’ve tried.

It tackles the deepest clean and you really feel your carpets/floors have been revitalised!

The head feels solid and robust and doesn’t seem phased by the odd inevitable knocks.

It has a switch on the foot to easily adjust the brush to select the type of floorcovering you are vacuuming and like most other machines it has an adjustable air slider to allow you select the suction required.

The best part of this machine is the dust collector.

It’s allergy filter (which needs changing every 5 years) is a real plus for allergy sufferers as it catches even the tiniest of dust particles – you can see just how powerful this cleaner is watching the dirt come through with the clear window of the dirt bin.

When emptying the cleaner, you simply pull back on the handle and compress the dirt and empty without any dust floating around you.


  • Hygienic dust emptying – compressing dirt before emptying
  • HEPA 13 Allergy filter – ideal for those suffering from asthma & other allergy sufferers
  • Quiet motor – silent air floor nozzle
  • Amazing cleaning performance
  • Useful tools suitable for soft furnishings/stairs/different floorcoverings


  • Maybe too powerful for some – could pose a problem with deep pile carpets


Overall: high recommended – looks good too.

More information:

AEG website – UltraCaptic

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