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3 Ways to ensure your wood flooring lasts longer

Here are three ways to keep your wood flooring looking brand new for longer.

A well-made and properly installed wood floor shows that you care about your home or business. We want to share with you the three best ways to keep a long lasting and high quality wood floor.

The Supplier

As you probably know, if you buy a low quality and cheap product you are going to end up with some pretty bad results.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company are a different kind of wood flooring specialist compared to most. We utilise our 35+ years’ experience to make quality wood flooring and are still manufacturing flooring products that existed ten years ago, unlike some.

The Contractor (Installation)

You might have the highest quality wood floor on the market, but if it isn’t installed correctly you will have the same poor results as you would have had with an inferior wood floor.

Solid Wood Flooring don’t currently offer installations, however we do have a portfolio of fantastic contractors who deliver a high level of customer service and provide an outstanding level of workmanship.

The Maintenance

Once you have the perfect floor, with materials supplied from Solid Wood Flooring Company and installation by a recommended contractor, it’s important to make sure your floor lasts and looks good.

The best way to care for your wood floor after installation is to use oils to help repair any scuffs and scratches.

We aim to provide you with the best products for cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring, whether in your home or a commercial property.

If you are looking to buy an oil for your wood floor take a look at Cotswold – they offer free advice on all purchases and have a very informative page just on Advice!

The Solid Wood Company

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