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100% dry grinding system for natural stone floors!

Big Wednesday no. 5 – Say goodbye to slurry!

HTC launches industry’s first 100% dry grinding system for natural stone floors.

An entirely slurry- and chemical-free grinding process has until now been impossible to achieve. But with the new Diamond Xpress tools, the grinding process can be completed in half the time. Moreover, the challenges of handling chemicals and slurry is eliminated, giving more people the opportunity to grind marble and terrazzo floors. Say goodbye to slurry and hello to simple stone grinding!

HTC is a leading pioneer in grinding technology for various types of flooring. For over 25 years, HTC has refined the methodology and tools for floor grinding. The result is a number of groundbreaking techniques – some of which have led to new industries. One example is HTC’s concept for polished concrete, HTC Superfloor, which has become a worldwide standard. Another innovation, a cleaning pad that uses diamonds called Twister, has made it possible to clean and maintain large floor surfaces without using chemicals.

Natural stone grinding without water

Now it is time for a new standard in grinding natural stone – 100% water-free. The newly developed Diamond Xpress tools are based on extensive experience in both flooring materials and advanced diamond technology.

Better work environment, faster process

Diamond Xpress reduces the number of grinding steps required to achieve the desired gloss. The grinding is performed completely without water. The slurry that is normally formed during wet grinding in a conventional grinding process is a health and safety problem as well as a major expense for the contractor. Dry grinding of natural stone floors improves the work environment and reduces costs since slurry management disappears and grinding can be performed in half the time compared to conventional grinding.

Significantly higher gloss in the final finish

The new technology also reduces chemical consumption since the final gloss/finish is much higher than in conventional grinding. This provides additional savings for both the contractor and the end-user while being environmentally friendly.

This new, simpler method gives more entrepreneurs the opportunity to undertake natural grinding projects with their existing equipment, thus expanding their business.

Learn more about Diamond Xpress, please visit www.htc-floorsystems.com/dx

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