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Waterproof skirtings by FN Neuhofer Holz – now available for designer floor coverings

With the increase in LVT floors and vinyl floor coverings on the market, the issue of protecting the skirtings from moisture is becoming increasingly important.

FN Neuhofer Holz has developed waterproof skirtings for installations that require particular resistance to moisture; these skirtings combine the benefits of waterproof plastic carriers with the advantage of matching the finish of the decor.

Waterproof PUR adhesive is used to stick down decor papers, printed digitally or by the intaglio printing process. This results in a universal product, which is ideal for every purpose.

In July 2017 FN Neuhofer Holz invested in a new, state-of-the-art digital printing machine, which offers an impressive range of innovative functions.

The new machine can print up to 330 mm widths and has an outstanding print resolution of up to 1260 dpi (high definition print).

Sealing lips for skirtings

When LVT floors and vinyl floor coverings consist purely of plastic, they are easy to clean with a wet mop, and on one hand the skirtings, which is made from a wood material must be able to withstand this and on the other hand, however, water must be prevented from penetrating into the expansion joints and under the skirtings.

There are two possibilities, one of which is to add a transparent, adhesive sealing lip, which is used specifically on MDF skirtings.

The other possibility is the new K0210L plastic skirting board, which is fitted with two sealing lips, one for sealing the floor and the other for sealing the wall.

This seals the connection joint to the floor and the sealing lip at the wall makes it possible to even up irregularities in the stonework.

Furthermore, the skirting can be printed in the widest variety of different designs and thus will match the floor perfectly.

FN Pro-flex

Another new product in the waterproof skirting range is FN pro-flex.

This skirting consists of a light, very bendable plastic foam, which follows every curve seamlessly and can even be fitted around a 90° inner or outer angle.

The skirting can easily be stuck down and painted in the desired colour.

As well as waterproof skirtings in many different designs, FN Neuhofer Holz offers a wide range of accessories for floors, walls and ceilings.


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