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Uncoupling system made easy using Ultra Tile

Long-standing Ultra Tile customer, Ebberns Tile Centre recently completed a testing tiling installation using the renowned ProFlex SP+ES and an uncoupling system. 

The project involved subfloor preparation to include levelling with Ultra Floor Level IT two. Level IT two combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component. This component provides increased flexural capacity, ensuring the product has exceptional compatibility with timber substrates.

When installing an uncoupling system a ‘flexible’ adhesive must always be used, for the mat and chosen tiles. Ebberns Tile Centre recommends Ultra Tile ProFlex SP+ES for this type of installation; a standard set, S1 classified powder adhesive. Known as the ‘pink bag’, the product is a firm favourite for use with porcelain and natural stone tiles .

Available in white or grey in 20kg bags, ProFlex SP+ES can be applied at bed thicknesses from 3-20mm and has a pot life of an hour.

Marble tiles were chosen for the project and an intricate black and white pattern was created. The floor tiling was then grouted using Ultra Tile FlexJoint in white. This grout boasts a super fine texture, is polymer modified for ultimate flexibility – essential when an uncoupling system has been used – repels water and will not mould.

For further information on tiling onto floors using an uncoupling system, please request a copy of Ultra Tile’s brochure that is now complete with installations guides. Uncoupling systems feature on page 28. It may also be downloaded from

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