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TTA release eagerly anticipated technical document

TTA release eagerly anticipated technical document


The Tile Association has published its latest technical document, Tiling with Resin Agglomerated Tiles, with the aim of providing advice for all parties involved in the use of resin agglomerated tiles.

The paper, prepared by a Technical Working Group of The Tile Association, should be used in conjunction with the current and forthcoming British, European and International Standards.

As part of its services, The Tile Association offers an independent inspection service. A number of inspections have highlighted the failures associated with the use of resin agglomerated tiles which has led to the drafting of this document.

The document sets out to provide advice on considerations to be given to the physical characteristics of resin agglomerated tiles, the substrate, fixing, cleaning and maintenance of resin agglomerated tiles on internal walls and floors.

The technical document has been sent to all TTA members, with additional copies and non-member copies available in hardcopy: £30 for members, £125 for non-members, and as a PDF: £50 for members, £125 for non-members.

Visit http://www.tiles.org.uk/help/publications.pdf to download a complete price list and order form.

The Tile Association wishes to thank the members of the Working Group and BASA for their support in the drafting of this document.

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