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Transform Your Décor with Tumbled Travertine

Whether you’re looking to create a more natural atmosphere in your home or alternatively wish to install a much more environmentally friendly alternative to a heavy carpet, travertine floor tiles are the perfect investment for every home.
Available in a wide range of finishes and styles, the unique travertine finish can co-ordinate beautifully with a wide range of homes and decors that they are placed in. With obvious Roman inspiration, tumbled travertine tiles portray an undeniable touch of luxury and class in any home with a gleaming rich finish combined with strength and durability that every type of flooring needs.
Travertine is perhaps one of the most prestigious and durable types of tile and can lend its undeniable style to various rooms around the house. It’s especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms providing a stable and waterproof surface that will be incredibly resistant to everyday use.

Why Choose Travertine Tiles
As well as reinstating class into any room in the home with copious amounts of style, travertine also has a number of benefits that you may not have originally thought of, these include:

• No More Grout: Although many tile fitters will choose to use grouting, it is not necessarily required when installing travertine tiles. In fact, avoiding using grouting when fitting travertine creates a subtly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing effect.

• Eco-Friendly: Travertine is a natural resource stone and the use of harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process is generally avoided. If you wish are removing it from an existing décor, it can be recycled and reused in both concrete and road surfacing materials.

• Fuss-Free Maintenance: Unlike a lot of other types of flooring, this hard sedimentary rock doesn’t require any rough cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking as good as when it was fitted. With a simple wipe clean surface, travertine can easily be managed and maintained.
Installation Options
As well as not requiring grouting for a high quality and sturdy installation, this hard tile can be installed into various spaces too. Often found in the kitchen and bathrooms for use as splash backs and shower enclosures due to its water resistant properties, its durability allows it to be used as outdoor patio flooring and swimming pool areas too.
Why Choose Tumbled Travertine?
The slightly weathered look of travertine is created by placing the tiles in a large body of water combined with gentle abrasive materials and then vibrated, creating the small holes and indentations in the tile. This is a very popular travertine option as it offers a truly rustic, natural appearance in any room in the home.
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Tumbled Travertine Tiles add undeniable style and class to transform any room in the house.


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