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The Floor Inspectors Educational Guild

The Flooring Inspectors’ Educational Guild is a Non-Profit Corporation registered in the State of South Carolina subject to all laws and tax codes.

Each year thousands of dollars are spent on claims. Some are justified, and some are not justified.

Many claims are not diagnosed correctly or there is confusion from a lack of understanding of the many variables that should be factored into the evaluations so the inspector can render a Differential Diagnosis of the Complaint

One of the major problems has been a lack of Formal Educational Venues by Wood Scientists applying Proven Peer Reviewed Wood Science as Practical Science.

In Science, there is Theoretical Science (Research) and the knowledge gained from research applied to our industry, Practical Science.

The Guild is brining to you, the wood professional, Practical Science that you can use every day that will elevate you above the crowd.

This is the First in a series of classes designed specifically for you as a Wood Flooring Professional. These classes are no longer just for the Inspector but are now designed for all Wood Flooring Professionals!

The Va. Tech’s Professors will be issuing Accreditation for class credits to the Guild so you can work toward your recognition as a Wood Flooring Expert Educational Certificate of Accreditation. Each morning the class will meet in the meeting room at the Hilton Hotel in Blacksburg then meet after lunch in the laboratory at the Virginia Tech Wood Department.

A special discount ($45.00 discounted off the $139.00 rate to $95.00) rate has been negotiated for you at the Hilton. When the inspectors stay at the hotel, we get a zero rate on the meeting rooms rentals so we can cut the cost of the class for you!  And, the hotel is giving two $25.00 dinner coupons in a drawing for us, and the Guild is paying for one lucky student to win a Free Stay at the hotel and last, a free breakfast buffet with eggs cooked to your order.

When?  February 28th – March 2d.

Each morning the class will meet in the meeting room at the Hilton Hotel in Blacksburg (Information attached) then meet after lunch in the laboratory at the Virginia Tech Wood Department.

Now you can “Move Beyond Certification to Become Educated.”

Get ready because this one is special. The science behind the Wood Industry Inspection Procedures will be explained, and verified so you, as a wood floor professional, will be able to understand what you are doing, finding the correct answer to your customers questions, and if needed, testify in court with ease and complete confidence.

This is the one we have been waiting to happen. This class and the ones to follow are the Educational Classes you have been asking someone to provide, and now, it is happening. As an inspector, I know this is the one I have been wanting because I need it.

Special thanks to the Guild’s Board of Directors for making this one happen, and a big thanks to the Hands On Professors at Va.Tech for taking the time to arrange this class to Educate us.

Pat Kenney,  Raymond Servaes,  Sam Zarcone and  David Buss; and special thanks to Roland Vierra, Steve Tolli and Andy Campbell

Part 1: “The Basics”

Temperature, RH, EMC relationships

Wood Anatomy with some basic ID

Discussion of Testing and Data Interpretation

Variability of Wood Products

Part 2: “Drying Issues”

How Wood Dries

Commercial Processes for Drying Wood

Checks and Splits formation

Drying Stress and Relief

Part 3: “Building/Site Issues”

Moisture in Buildings

Moisture Movement through Flooring

Moisture Meter Use and Misuse

Shrinkage and Swelling of Flooring

Part 4: “Inspection Issues”

Discussion of Inspection Methods

Required Observations / Measurements

Optional Observations / Measurements

Types and Variety of Defects Observed

Examples Problems and Discussion of Drying Issues and Buildings’ Issues

The professors will explain the variables that affect our analysis of the Data Collection on site, and how to explain it and present it to avoid confusion and the often denial of Practical Wood Science applied to our industry.

The cost is only $495.00 and Qualifies for matching WFCA scholarship funds! So, you only pay $247.50 if you are a WFCA member! If this was a non-Guild Class you would expect to pay double or more for this class, but, we at the Guild work for you, not ourselves!

If you have attended three Guild Classes, you qualify for two free pages for one year on the Guild’s Web Site to promote your business

Contact Lee Tucker for more information at [email protected] or call at  (864) 238 55507


A special rate has been negotiated for you at the Hilton ($139.00 down to $95.00 with a free breakfast buffet for you! A $8.95 value, free).

When the inspectors stay at the hotel, we get a zero rate on the meeting rooms rentals so we can lower the cost of the class for you!

And now, a lower rate and free Breakfast Buffet with eggs cooked to order; and fruit for lunch. Eat a huge breakfast, save money on lunch!

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