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The Floor Inspector’s Educational Guild – DOING It Again!

In our efforts as a non-profit organization to bring only the best in advanced flooring education, the Guild is going to offer a unique opportunity.

We have acquired the educational services of Mr. Noah Chitty.

Mr. Chitty is the former Laboratory Director at the (Ceramic) Tile Council of America (TCNA). Mr. Chitty has a Masters Degree in Ceramic Engineering from Clemson University.

What is the price of this class? Well, besides having the former Laboratory Director of the only Certified Ceramic Tile Laboratory in North America as our instructor, the price is depended upon the number of students who sign up!

YES, for once, the more students who attend the class, the lower the cost divided among the students.

  • Let us explain. The projected cost of this class is $5200.00.
  • If we have 20 students, the cost will be $260.00. If 25 students attend, the cost will be $208.00.
  • If 30 students attend, the cost will be $174.00. And if 35 students attend the tuition will be $148.00!
  • The limit is 35 students.

Mr. Chitty will be instructing us on the following topics:

  • Manufacturing of Ceramic Tile and Ceramic Terms
  • Different types of Ceramic Tiles and how to Identify them
  • Manufacturing Standards
  • How to apply them to each different type of tiles and different installation methods.
  • How to interpret the Manufacturing Standards and how to do field measurements of the Standards on tiles.
  • Identification of Manufacturing Concerns and Issues by industry standards to educate YOU to improve the industry and help you expand your business increasing your profits.
  • Installation Standards
  • How to read and apply the many different installation methods and standards for different locations and environments; and which tiles should be specified.
  • Patches and Self-leveling Compounds and Tiles
  • And the last afternoon of the two-day class will be Ardex’s own Mr. Bruce Newbrough who will instruct us on the self-leveling and patching compounds; how to use them and their interaction with concrete moisture issues and tiles.

Last, with the close vicinity of the class location in North West Atlanta to Dalton inspectors may want to take this opportunity to visit Dalton on May 2nd to promote their services to claims analysts or for retailers a chance to visit with their suppliers at the mills.

For those interested, please let us know.

If enough students are interested the Guild’s Directors may contact local restaurants in Dalton to arrange reservations and the best possible prices for you! We work for you benefit, not ours.

Selva Lee Tucker
Floor Inspectors Educational Guild
Tucks Floor Inspection Service
(864) 238 5507

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