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Stain Block Home Carpet Tiles entice design-focused shoppers

The brand new collection of stain-resistant carpet tiles from the Balta Group is gathering pace as the floorcovering of choice for those looking for a practical and unique way of updating their homes, and is ideal for retailers looking to brighten up the shop floor with its eye-catching compact POS unit.

Encouraging the mixture of textures and colours, Stain Block® Home Tiles are available in four individual designs, including tufted cut pile Diamant, loop piles Diva and Natural and velours Vox, and can be mixed-and-matched for a truly individual look. In a wide-ranging colour palette including soft neutrals and bold brights, there is a style to suit all design tastes.

“Not only offering great aesthetics, carpet tiles are so much more practical than standard broadloom styles,” comments Geert Vanden Bossche, marketing director, the Balta Group. “Simple to fit with a loose-lay installation technique, the tiles can be easily moved and switched around, or even replaced. In fact, when it comes to maintenance, carpet tiles are absolutely ideal as individual pieces can be lifted up, cleaned and put back.”

Delivering a winning combination of practicality and unique style, Stain Block® Home Tiles are crafted from bleach-cleanable polypropylene to ensure long-lasting durability. They also offer endless design possibilities, with the opportunity to add borders and combine colours and textures to create bold floorcoverings that demand attention.

Retailers will appreciate the dedicated POS unit that accompanies the collection with its full-colour header and real-size sample samples for each design, and these stands are free of charge when ordering a minimum of 100m2 of carpet tiles. Compact at 160cm tall by 90cm wide, the display is sure to entice customers with its bright colours and aspirational lifestyle photography.

“This is a completely innovative concept from the Balta Group that allows retailers to offer something completely different,” continues Geert Vanden Bossche. “Suitable for every room in the home, including bathrooms and kitchens, each Stain Block® Home Tile measures 50cm x 50cm and comes in a handy box that covers 5m2 to allow homeowners to experiment with interior design.”

For more information on Stain Block® Home Tiles please contact Paul Hampton, southern UK sales rep, or Richard Comboy, northern UK sales rep, on [email protected] / 07973 194 252 or [email protected] / 07973 76 58 83

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