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Solidlux Floor Maintenance in Freezer Rooms

Very successful tests in the freezer room at -35°

Floor maintenance in refrigeration and freezer rooms is a big challenge. Coatings and low temperatures are typically an unfortunate combination as the lower the temperature gets, the longer the drying time is.

Usually a space should be temporarily decommissioned, with all logistics hassles entailed. Not with Solidlux, as this does not dry, but cures, even at temperatures below freezing point.

Logical that the German company Nordfrost is extremely interested in the possibilities with Solidlux.

As a leading organization in the world of cold and refrigerated logistics, the firm has over 35 logistics centers in Germany, Denmark and Great Britain.

Recently a number of tests have been performed with SolidLux in a special freezer quality, at the branch office of Nordfrost in Hollenstedt, in order to show the abilities of both the floor coating and the line marking coating.

9 to 24 ° C below zero

The floor coating was among others applied on the floor of the cold passageway from the refrigeration to the freezer room on a monolithic finished concrete floor.

The ambient temperature was between -9 ° and -24 °C and the temperature of the surface was no less than 35 ° C below zero. The slightly contaminated floor was first mechanically sanded with a diamond disc.

Accordingly, the surface was masked with tape and coated with two layers of SolidLux 9000 Basecoat, in both cases with 25% of SolidLux Adhesive added for optimum adhesion.

After each layers the Decorad Floormate was used to expose the coating to UV-light. This was then, followed by a layer of SolidLux 9000 Topcoat which was also UV-cured.

Line marking

In order to demonstrate the application of line marking in practice, SolidLux Coating line marking was applied on the abovementioned area.

Before the actual painting, the surface was first sanded for good adhesion and masking tape was placed. Accordingly a layer of SolidLux 8000 Basecoat, with 25% of SolidLux adhesive added, was applied with a roller.

After UV-curing it was finished with a layer of SolidLux 8000 Topcoat in white. Once again exposing it to UV-light from the Floormate and the coated areas could instantly be put back into operation.

All this while the thickly packed employees of NordFrost could continue their tasks without interruptions.

They didn’t have any problem with the cold, in contrary to the applicator, who for sure he will take warm gloves with him next time…

‘Ice sits on the ceiling while rolling the floor. Such extreme conditions ask for an extraordinary floor coating’

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You can view our website www.solidluxcoating.com 


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