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See cold welding in action at Harrogate with Itec Contract Floors

Visitors to the Harrogate Flooring Show in September will see an array of cleverly designed acoustic flooring with superb sound-deadening properties on display at the Itec Contract Floors stand, and will even get the chance to witness a cold welding installation in action.

Renowned for its high-performance range of commercial flooring, Itec will have a section of the stand dedicated to explaining the process of cold welding – an excellent opportunity for floor fitters and contractors who will appreciate its quick, simple and effective nature.

Visitors will be shown how, using just one tool, cold welding delivers a nearly invisible join for a seamless finish.

Enhancing the look of the floor, this innovative installation method is also ideal for time-sensitive projects, and the seam is completely watertight for ultimate peace of mind.

Recommended for use in all commercial and industrial applications, this interactive demonstration is sure to catch the attention of fitters from across all different sectors and help to enhance their skills.

On show will be Itec’s impressive range of acoustic flooring, designed to reduce noise levels in busy spaces.

A fantastic choice for care homes, hospitals, schools, libraries and other public buildings as well as commercial locations, the Axento and Silento ranges deliver an impressive 18dB of sound insulation to help facilitate peaceful environments.

What’s more, these practical designs are stylish too. With over 40 different options to choose from, including contemporary crosshatch-effect brights to characterful wood-effect alternatives, there is sure to be a floor to suit any interior.

Rated R10 for slip resistance, Axento and Silento are also treated with a HyperGuard+ PUR wear later to allow for enhanced aesthetics despite heavy use.

“The Flooring Show is a brilliant chance for us to showcase to visitors our exciting range of acoustic flooring,” explains Jason Barrett, UK and Ireland national sales manager.

“The demand for acoustic flooring is definitely on the rise, and Axento and Silento demonstrate how Itec recognises the importance of delivering high-performance and quality products.

Harrogate also offers us the chance to show visiting fitters and contractors the innovative cold welding process – something that is quick, easy and delivers fantastic results for a range of locations.”

Visit Itec Contract Floors at The Flooring Show from 2 – 4 September 2012

For further information contact Itec Contract Floors on 00 32 5665 3211 or visit

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