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After carrying out extensive trials, The Preparation Group has added a new application for its environmentally friendly Storm Diamond Pads. The finer 1500 and 3000 grade pads from the range can now be used for daily maintenance on vinyl floors; deep cleaning and producing a high shine polish, without the need for harsh chemicals or polishes.

Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director; ‘Prior to our trials, the general consensus on diamond cleaning systems was that the pads would be too aggressive and effectively wear through the vinyl material. We now know that with our Storm Diamond range this isn’t the case and exceptional results can be achieved, which is great news for dull, heavily trafficked, stained and contaminated vinyl floors. Storm Pads are also long lasting and double sided, so where they have been used on various projects they have proven very cost effective.’

Also available in 400 and 800 grades, the Storm Diamond Pads produce optimum cleaning and polishing results on; resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone and concrete. They are designed to fit The Preparation Group’s STG450 machine, along with most other types of surface texturing, auto scrubbing and polishing machines.

Other benefits of the Storm Diamond Pads are that no tools are required to attached them to the machine, they adjust to irregularities in the floor, can be used dry as well as wet for a smooth finish and are ideal for small areas, even edgework.

For further information or a demonstration on how Storm Diamond Pads revive dull vinyl floors, call The Preparation Group on 01522 561460.


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