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New Rinos Matting loves sand

At first glance, the difference between entrance mats is often difficult to see.

Entrance matting manufacturer Rinos is launching three new entrance mats where sand absorption and optical dirt have truly been measured.

The performance between floor mats can be compared and a substantiated recommendation can be made about which mat is best suited for a contract location based on these criteria.

The new Gibson is the champion when it comes to both sand and moisture absorption.

More than 90% of the sand that is brought in can be absorbed.

This means that the building will remain cleaner.

The moisture absorption capacity is no less than 6 litres per m² because of the velour strips in this product.

The Sahara is the best with regard to optical dirt hiding.

The blended design of recycled Econyl yarns is based on anthracite grey hues with small colour highlights.

This results in an optical performance score of 4.5: this floor mat will continue to look clean even after intensive use.

With the Bfl-s1 specification, the Sahara meets the highest of requirements in relation to being flame resistant.

This means that the mat is suitable for use in emergency exits.

The Sahara Wave combines the same blended pattern of the Sahara with alternating dirt-scraping strips.

Sahara Wave has the highest score of them all with regard to both optical performance and sand absorption.

This product is also made of Econyl and being suitable for emergency exits.

For further information please call: +31 (0)38-3853500 or email: [email protected] or visit our website: www.rinos.com 


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