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New marketing training programme is a recipe for fearless marketing

Ooba Creative, marketing and creative consultants in the Thames Valley, UK have launched their new “Marketing Mastery” programme – a completely new approach in marketing learning to deliver Fearless Marketing for the region’s entrepreneurs and SMEs.

“Being an entrepreneur and running a business seems to be more popular than ever. However, I have always been astounded about just how little clients actually know about business and marketing.”, enthused Adam Clark, Ooba’s Managing Director, “There are so many myths, mis-truths and bad advice bouncing about, it’s incredible that business owners are asking for investment or investing their own hard-earned money into an adventure that they are quite clearly unprepared for. If SMEs are going to survive, it’s time to step up.”

The statistics of SME business success are not healthy: 

  • 34% of businesses go out of business within the first two years.
  • 55% of businesses go out of business within the first 5 years.
  • 63% of small business owners admit that it is difficult to grow their firm.
  • 61% of small business owners lack confidence in their ability to achieve three-year continued growth.
  • 69% believe it is hard to turn a small company into a medium-sized enterprise.

And yet, business owners continue to stumble about when it comes to the core skill of attracting the right customers, making profits and innovating to survive the future. i.e. marketing.

The inspiration for Ooba’s new marketing training programme came about because we heard so many business owners saying things like, “Oh, I’m not technical” or “I haven’t got time for that, I outsource it to my agency” as if it was acceptable to be deficient on the topic of marketing.

It became clear that many business owners have a significantly weak marketing capability. Ooba believe that business owners are simply shirking the responsibility and that many have no idea whether their marketing is being executed at the highest possible levels or not.

They get a designer in or hire an agency and put all their trust in the supplier and what they’re being told without having much of an idea how to gauge credibility or results.

“Here’s a food analogy”, Adam quipped, “It’s like walking into a Martian restaurant. You know you need to eat. You know that you can eat Martian food. You know if you don’t eat, you’ll not survive. You have no idea which restaurant to choose because you don’t know what you’re buying.

You pick the first one that seems OK. You look at the menu and you have no idea what the food actually is, what the costs genuinely are, how long items will take to cook and, when it arrives, you have no idea if it was cooked correctly, if the food tastes how it was meant to – or even how to go about eating it properly. Of course, you usually get a reasonably edible meal. And it will probably work out ‘OK’. And you don’t starve.

That day. But is ‘OK’ good enough when it comes to your business? Ooba don’t think so and the statistics prove business owners are falling short by trading with this knowledge gap. It’s time for SMEs to get up-skilled in Marketing. Simple.”

The new Marketing Mastery programme walks clients through The 10 Elements of Marketing Clarity and sets them up with mastering The 14 Successes of a Marketing Master.

It’s an incredibly powerful programme designed to provide granular, hands-on, tangible results and huge practical value whilst enlightening people about the top-level, strategic insights so they can make informed decisions.

To discover your marketing fearlessness, visit the Ooba Creative website

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