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Matting keeps cruise liner ship shape

Frontrunner Plus entrance flooring, manufactured by Plastic Extruders Ltd, is providing a safe and efficient solution for a Minoan Lines cruise ship in Greece, one of the busiest ships plying the Mediterranean.

With incredibly high volumes of pedestrian and wheeled traffic transiting the entrance, often in short bursts, Minoan Lines needed to source a matting which would doubly protect against slips in the entrance area and help maintain the high level of cleanliness on board. After seeking advice from Greek flooring specialist Art George Beredimas, it was decided to install the Frontrunner Plus entrance flooring system along the tiled corridor between the ship to shore access areas and the interior carpet.

The matting has provided many benefits and solved several problems. It helps to remove water, dust and dirt from shoes which not only keeps the interior clean but also provides a slip resistant surface to prevent passengers slipping on the tiled floor. Importantly, it is also resistant to oil which had proved a particular problem for the cleaners. This is because the mat’s absorbent inserts are very effective ensuring oil residue on shoes is removed and not transferred into the ship.

Frontrunner Plus is available in both roll and modules with optional edging as used in this application. It can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape, such as within doors, along corridors and in irregular shaped areas. Its close spaced open grid construction makes it slip resistant and heel-proof, as well as strong enough to withstand the weight from goods trollies.

Frontrunner Plus is manufactured with integral absorbent inserts within a vinyl grid and is available in 75 different colour combinations. Supplied in 10m rolls and 60, 90 or 120cm widths, the matting forms part of the extensive Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System which comprises several mats for different interior and exterior installations. External options include Frontrunner XT with an aggressive diamond cut surface for increased slip resistance, Frontrunner Brush and Frontrunner Brush Wide with nylon brush inserts to combat severe soiling.

More information and samples are available from Plastic Extruders on tel: 01268 571116 or from

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