Jack Badger Wide Board Oak Flooring

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Current interior design trends have seen a sharp demand for dark coloured rustic oak flooring increase sharply over the last year. For those looking for character oak in extra wide boards we’ve sourced a beautiful range of hand made oak flooring and we now stock Jack Badger wide board oak flooring.  
Jack Badger Oak 1 Jack Badger Wide Board Oak FlooringJack Badger Oak 2 Jack Badger Wide Board Oak Flooring

While prices start from a hefty £150 per m2 this bespoke hand made oak flooring is unique – we can offer  board widths between 200mm and 400mm – sizes few other flooring manufactures can produce.

The raw oak is laid down in a traditional manner and slow dried, greatly adding to achieving the period aesthetic of this solid oak flooring.

As a made to order product Jack Badger wide board oak flooring can be produced to your own specification, with a host of finishes and colours for you to pick and blend to create the overall look you desire.

For additional information please contact one of our sales staff on 0845 602 7694


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