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Hands Up for Snickers’ NEW Work Gloves

There’s one thing that Professional Tradesmen and women can’t do without if they want to get their jobs on site done properly – Healthy Hands!

They know how difficult it is to work with hands that are chapped and bruised, cut and scratched. Conditions they’ve taken for granted for years and ignored, simply because they have to get on with the job in hand.

Now, there’s revolutionary help at hand that are the products of extensive groundwork, research and testing on sites around Europe – Snickers’ NEW and UNIQUE Work Gloves.

Think of your hands as probably the most important tools you can use on site. Look after them and they’ll ensure you get the job done quickly, efficiently and with the necessary level of skill to ensure that a job is well done.

Snickers Work Gloves can help you do just that and, while ordinary poor-fitting gloves can be more of a hinderance than a help, this revolutionary new Work Gloves range is designed to suit different jobs on site even down to the finest details in protection, grip and dexterity.

There’s a range of Precision Gloves, which are light and flexible with a design priority on dexterity and fit. They’re ideal for precision work while flexible materials on the dorsal side of the hand, plus knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement provide optimum protection.

The 7 styles of Power Gloves deliver exactly what the name suggests. Comfortable and hard-wearing, they’re ideal for all kinds of heavy duty jobs on site but with a range of styles to suit different jobs like shifting and carrying, cutting and tearing, moving and manipulating. What’s more, the unique ‘curved’ designs ensure strong, secure grips while sophisticated patterns and ribs combined with durable materials create comfort and protection never seen before.

A Really Unique Product Proposition

But what makes buying Snickers Work Gloves really unique is that you can buy them individually if you need to – which helps if one was to eventually wear out! You can also mix and match them to suit the way you work, even to suit left or right-handed use.

All in all, this new Work gloves range is revolutionary and, as you’d expect Snickers’ Hallmarks of Design, Quality, Functionality and Value for Money are interwoven throughout every part of every Glove.

So get to grips with Snickers new range of Work Gloves – you’ll be amazed at the difference they make to your working day. But then again, if you know Snickers well enough, maybe it’s more of what you expect from the UK’s favourite Workwear brand.

Getting more information on the Snickers Summer Work Gloves Range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out www.snickersworkwear.co.uk and download a digital catalogue; or you can email [email protected]


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