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Forbo’s Tuftiguard HD is one tough entrance flooring system

Due to a very challenging environment, the Bentall Centre, in Kingston upon Thames, required a rigid and heavy duty floor covering for its glass tunnelled footbridge – linking the car parks to the shopping centre. The floor covering had to remove moisture and soil from the soles of shoes and wheeled traffic, as well as cope with the major movement caused by the interior high temperature fluctuations. After extensive research undertaken by Forbo Flooring Systems, Master Matting Installations Co and the Bentall Centre, Forbo’s Nuway Tuftiguard HD entrance flooring system proved to be the most viable and cost effective solution.

David Burns at Master Matting Installations Co, the contractors on the project commented: “We were involved in the initial stages of the enquiry about this project, because of our unique blend of design, engineering and technical knowledge. As such, Ashley Thulborn (Forbo’s Key Account Manager) and I went along to view the bridge’s badly performing floor. Due to the substantial movement caused by the temperature fluctuations inside the tunnel, the rubber tiled floor covering had been stretched and so it was lifting up from the adhesive and bubbling – causing a major trip hazard for anyone using the bridge. Therefore, we required a floor covering that could cope with the temperature fluctuations and one that would not show visible signs of movement – both critical to maintain the safety of shoppers and employees, as well as achieve a pleasing aesthetic. What’s more, we also required a product that would allow easy access to the maintenance hatches at the end of the footbridge.

“After a year of researching with Ashley, which included us testing various samples of Forbo’s products to comprehend which floor covering would provide optimum results for the centre, we chose to install 135m2 of Forbo’s Nuway Tuftiguard HD Classic in 12mm in an open construction with wiper strips in a double format.”

Forbo’s Nuway Tuftiguard HD delivers excellent performance and appearance retention thanks to its heavy duty, durable and strong structure, which can remove high levels of soil from the soles of shoes or wheel treads.

Ashley Thulborn, Forbo’s Key Account Manager, said: “With a heavy duty structure, the Tuftiguard HD entrance flooring system provides lateral rigidity which means that it is able to handle the expansion and contraction movements, which was supported by the contractor’s devised joints to allow for movement from left to right. The design of the system also allows for the modules to be turned over or changed completely – if one was to be accidently damaged – increasing the longevity and functionality of the floor covering.”

What’s more, the design requirement for access to the bridge inspection hatches was achieved by the use of easily removable modules on Forbo’s Nuway Tuftiguard HD, allowing sections close to the hatches to be lifted and replaced without disturbing the remainder of the installation.

Robert Ritchie, the Bentall Centre’s Director, concluded: “This project has been a real success, Forbo’s Nuway Tuftiguard HD entrance flooring system has greatly enhanced the aesthetics of the bridge and after all the hot weather we have experienced during the summer months, I can confirm that the flooring has managed extremely well with movements and there have been no problems.

“I’m also very positive that the system will provide us with exceptional safety when it comes to shoppers trawling in mud, snow and wet shoes in the winter months – which I’m sure the cleaners will be happy to hear as an easier cleaning and maintenance regime will be required.”

For more information please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/EFS

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