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Forbo Flooring Systems has contributed to a new education interior concept being pioneered by Argyll and Bute Council and Architecture+Design Scotland (A+DS), with a selection of colours from their Marmoleum Real range being supplied to Campbeltown Grammar in Argyll, as part of the school’s trial of an innovative Try Before You Buy scheme.

With a new school planned under the Scottish Schools for the Future programme Campbeltown Grammar is utilising unused space in its current building to ‘trial’ new interior design ideas. “The Try before You Buy Scheme’ allowed us to have first-hand experience of a number of concepts – some that will be replicated in the new school and others that will be present but maybe in a different type of setting,” comments Michael Casey, acting Head Teacher at Campbeltown Grammar.

“With the new curriculum focusing on active learning, group work and peer presentation, the space has enabled us to try out different ideas before settling on a chosen layout,” said Alison Marr, Education Manager at A+DS Schools Programme. “It was important that the area did not look like a traditional classroom in terms of colour, layout and furniture choices and that it had the flexibility to be utilised for a variety of activities.”

Knowing how bright colours stimulate pupils, vivid ones were chosen from the popular Marmoleum Real range, Forbo’s own brand linoleum, comprising rich berry hues, deep sea green shades and earthy tones. Additionally, the Marmoleum specified for this project was hand cut on site to incorporate design elements into the flooring scheme.

The versatility Marmoleum offers means that it is regularly specified for a range of sectors, but it is its natural bacteriostatic properties that make it a favourite for healthier indoor environments, as it is inherently resistant to bacteria such as MRSA and E Coli. An Allergy UK Seal of Approval also confirms it contributes to a reduction in allergens, such as HDM and pet allergens, that can give rise to asthma and eczema, all the while contributing to a healthier indoor climate for children.

Additionally, it is extremely durable and easy to clean, thanks to Topshield, Forbo’s unique water-based surface finish, which provides inherent protection of the flooring system – an important consideration for any building that is subjected to frequent heavy footfall. To this day, linoleum remains one of the most natural floor coverings available, manufactured predominantly from harvestable, renewable natural raw materials. Indeed, Marmoleum contains 97% natural raw materials, 72% of which are rapidly renewable, and has a 43% recycled content.

Being a natural product, Marmoleum offers a viable sustainable solution for a wide range of specifications and it is naturally biodegradable. In fact, due to its natural composition, Marmoleum fits perfectly in sustainable building concepts, as it is BRE A/A+ rated. Least not, the design potential offers a wealth of possibilities in creating fresh and exciting areas that add visual interest and help engage and motivate. Forbo is continually developing the choice of colours and patterns available within linoleum, and more importantly, how these can be integrated with other floor coverings across different performance types. When it comes to variety, choice and flexibility, the company’s modularity offer makes it easier to mix and match multiple sizes, styles and formats of tiles – including Marmoleum, resulting in quicker and easier installation.
“The feedback as to how the room is working will continue throughout the year and the benefits to staff and pupils will be measured, however, initial reaction is very positive. The pupils love the bright colours and the floor concepts are certainly helping to engage them, as well as providing a durable and well-performing floor area,” comments Michael Casey.

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