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Floor Inspectors’ Educational Guild presents its Eight Class

This class, to be held in Historic Charleston, SC once again, is one of the best yet in its diversity.

Dr. Roberto Nunez will teach his one day seminar, “Concrete on Grade” Class that is usually taught on the North Carolina State University’s Campus each Spring.

Dr. Nunez, P.E., MBA, is a Lecturer of Civil Engineering and a Senior Construction Extension Specialist with the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at NCSU.

He is a structural and construction engineer with more than 20 years of international experience in civil infrastructure in the private and public sectors. He is the Director of Business Development of NCSU’s Constructed Facilities Laboratory, working to link NCSU’s research and testing resources with private and public organizations in need of product development, compliance, and certification. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in NC, SC, MI, and Ecuador, South America.

Concrete Slabs On-Grade:

Design, Construction and Troubleshooting Fundamentals

Why You Should Attend

Concrete slabs on-grade are one of the most frequently used construction elements in commercial and industrial projects. Despite their popularity and extensive use, concrete slabs on-grade are responsible for most in-service deficiencies and construction problems. In this seminar you will review design principles, construction practices and troubleshooting examples for both reinforced and non reinforced slabs on-grade. You’ll learn through examples, in a practical manner, to help you design high quality and constructible concrete slabs on-grade. You will also take home a very practical review of concrete materials as well as geotechnical, construction and quality control principles (including troubleshooting).
Attend and You’ll Learn

• Design principles for reinforced and non-reinforced slabs on-grade
• Reinforced slabs on-grade
• Jointing and detailing
• Vapor barrier placement
• Slab drying mechanism
• Construction practices and quality control
• Troubleshooting
• Specification

After Dr. Nunez’s class, on August 21st, Dr. Alex Wiedenhoeft from the Forest Products Laboratory will begin his two day classes.

Dr. Wiedenhoeft is a Botanist with over 17 years experience identifying wood and conducting research in the Center of Wood Anatomy Research at the Forest Products Laboratory. He has authored and co-authored scientific, technical, and trade papers in the fields of Botany, Traditional and Forensic Wood Anatomy, and Wood Technology, as well as Field Wood Identification Manuals for CITES Tropical timbers and the commercial timbers of Central America.

He co-authored the Wood Structure Chapter in the 2006 CHOICE Award winning textbook, Handbook of Wood Chemistry and Composites, and was a member of an international committee that organized the IAWA List of Microscopic Features for Softwood Identification. He has been an Associate Editor for the International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal since 2003. He has a special love of teaching teaching wood identification courses for a variety of U.S. Government Agencies.

He appears as an annual guest lecturer in UW-Madison’s Wood Identification, Dendrology, and Plant Anatomy Courses. Dr. Wiedenhoeft has taught CITES Wood Identification workshops in Nicaragua, Honduras, and in Southeast Asia. He has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Botany where he is an Honorary Fellow, and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University.

August 21st 2012

Tropical Woods’ Characteristics compared to North American Domestic Woods Characteristics
OSB and Plywood manufacturing characteristics and moisture
August 21st (after lunch)
Basics of Wood Identification
August 22d, Wood Identification Continued.

If interested, please either telephone Lee Tucker, (864) 238 5507 or email [email protected]

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