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Fit and go with TacFast® Systems International

The innovative TacFast® system is the ideal solution for quick-turnaround refurbishment projects that need a high quality and speedy floor installation system that delivers brilliant results every time.

Consisting of a LocPlate™ interlocking disc and plate structure, the TacFast® system is placed above the subfloor surface, with a hook and loop fastener that rapidly attaches the floorcovering. Crucially, this system can be used directly over any existing flooring, making it the ideal choice for refurbishment projects that are pushed for time and money.

As Jonathan Stone, CCO, TacFast® Systems International explains, “Costs of refurbishment projects can easily run out of control, especially if you do not factor in the time it takes to remove any old flooring. In fact, you can easily spend as much on lifting the old product and preparing the subfloor as you can on the new flooring. But this is where TacFast® steps in, as the system eradicates the need for all this inconvenience and mess. TacFast® allows the new flooring to be fitted over the existing surface, as long as it is roughly firm and flat, and provides a high quality finish.”

The TacFast® system requires no adhesives, so there are no lengthy drying times or unpleasant fumes to contend with, and it will level out any slight discrepancies in the existing floor surface. It also acts as a DPM to stop any moisture migration and can be used to lay almost all types of flooring, including ceramics, natural stone, LVT, wood and laminate.

“Refurbishments are often required to work to tight deadlines, with offices, shops and leisure companies wanting to turn the project around quickly to continue operations,” continues Jonathan Stone. “This is why it is imperative that fitters and contractors can provide timely installation solutions like the TacFast® System that guarantee high quality results.”

Already hugely popular in the US, TacFast® has gained recognition for its speed, ease and cost-cutting benefits. A great option for a range of commercial installations, TacFast® Systems International has over 300 building-related patents to its name. Since 1998, the company has developed cutting-edge products that have been adopted by leading manufacturers. Focusing on pioneering R&D, TacFast® provides end users with an innovative installation solution.

For further information contact TacFast on 01527 919891 or [email protected]  –

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